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Cayman S


12 Jun 2004
Hi Guys,

Not sure if the Cayman has been officially 'launched' in the UK but here in Japan it was officially launched at a huge event in Tokyo!

They had only one car for viewing (cobalt blue) looked very nice indeed! BUT, the more I looked at it the more I like my 997!

The price in Japan is not too bad about JPY 8,500,000 on the road (997 C2 is about JPY 11,000,000 - no options)

However, I was more impressed by the curves of the C4 and C4S - very nice indeed, there was a few available to see, white with colour coded white wheels, guards red with grey leather, ATLAS GREY / SAND BEIGE - we are going to order a C4 CAB in this combination and there were a few nice colour combinations as well! All in all a good evening! Even the wife enjoyed it!

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think its sometime in November we "get" them

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Think they are taking the long way to Blighty

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I've heard rumours on this site of lower than expected demand in the UK...

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fyi i think Evo mag had a Cayman Vs 993 if any one was wondering

All though for about £50k on the road one could get a get a substantially better 993 and not loose as much money.

New Vs old i guess

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by smtk on 13 October 2005

fyi i think Evo mag had a Cayman Vs 993 if any one was wonderingAll though for about £50k on the road one could get a get a substantially better 993 and not loose as much money.New Vs old i guess
by the time you spec up the Cayman to a decent level your at low miles and minted 993TT/996TT money............of course you have the novelty factor of owning not just a new Porsche but a new model(even if some ppl will refer to it as a Boxster coupe :wink: )

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I had my Cayman on order until last weekend, and the specced up one got to £54K which I thought was a little out of hand, hence the getting a 996 (still 2 weeks and a day until I collect!).

I have been told (by an independent) that the numbers of Caymans coming to the UK has been reduced due to poor sales (but this is pure rumour-mongering). Also my order places in April time enabled me to be offered a first delivery car, e.g. early December. This also suggested to me that they are not selling as well as first expected.

I have also heard rumours (so who knows how true) that the waiting list was down only to about 4 months, however, I suspect with the great reports it's getting and when the first ones hit our shores (on November 26) demand will pick up again.

I went down the tried and tested route as at least I can be reasonably assured of the cars performance, history, problems and to some degree residuals........I was concerned that the Cayman would fall like a stone in value if demand was not higher enough

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I think the Cayman will suffer from the same stigma as the very competant new Boxter S, ie 911 wannabe.

The reviews i've read say its a great drive, but the handling is not up to that of the 911...even the 996's... :wink:

Think you made the right decision uuf361...as I'm sure you'll find out in 2weeks ish!

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If only they could sort out the styling where roof meets the rear wings which I think looks all wrong I might start to like it .... oh of course that would be because it would then look like a 911.

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I just can't see it: why a Cayman S? For the same money a young-ish 911 has back seats (yep, I need to transport 2 nippers) is faster and is better looking, and if I wanted a 2 seater I'd get a cheaper Boxster S.

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I personally feel the new 911s are to heavy and the boxster is too floppy

So the cayman fits the bill

Price wise its a bannana, However there has been a rumour of an RS version.....

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Another interesting tit bit of inside info I got from a mate who works for Porsche Japan, because demand is so low in Japan, Porsche Japan have decided to HALF the number of Boxster S's they have coming to Japan - so, the line you can expect here is - we can't get you a Boxster for until May 2006 BUT, you can have a Cayman by the end of the year sir. Make no mistake, Porsche will sell the Cayman even if they cut of their right arm! Gotta keep those profits soaring!

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I was disappointed - think they made a pricing mistake - if they priced it 5k cheaper than the Boxster instead of 5k more that would be the end of Nissan 350, AudiTT, Mazda RX8, etc. etc. But instead I think they have been greedy and people are aware and will make another plan - not even like a 993 - like I said a few months back, for 50k there is nothing that even comes close to a used 996 GT3.


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Yep the price is wrong....I remember reports in the magazines suggesting the price was going to be approx £29,000 ...at any rate cheaper than the 2.7 boxster ....and as you say LOJO it would wipe the floor with the other coupes. I am prepared to be proved wrong but I can't see loads of porsche fans (or any one else) spending £50k on a boxster coupe

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Of course, Autocar are famous for info on forthcoming models that turns out to be very wide of the mark. The 'affordable' Boxster coupe was one of them...

From what I've read of driving the Cayman (Autocar, D Torygraph), it's a great car, and I'd love one. But the price makes the Boxster S rather a steal.

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