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Cayman RS on its way - or so I was told


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23 Mar 2008
I was having a discussion with a Porsche employee about keeping or not keeping my Turbo S . We had a chat about cars and he was saying how fantastic the new Cayman is

He then went on to say that the green light has been given to a Cayman RS

Now , is that a car to lust after

Seems that many of us sneer at the Cayman but quite a few are changing over . Is the Cayman the spiritual successor to the real 911s we all love

To me the 991 is too well engineered ....purely personal view
Too GT (and I don't mean 2, 3 or 4!)
I still don't understand how they'd market a Cayman RS and position it in relation to the 991 GT3/RS. It does sound like a fun little machine though...

Perhaps that's it, a fun minimalist car for the road, GT3 for track :dont know:
Its been rumoured for a while now and the name changes from a Cayman R to a Cayman RS to a Cayman GT3 or Cayman GTS. If it is made and conforms to all the hype i.e 400bhp , clubsport type interior etc etc then it will be a corker of a car - as said above , not sure where it would be placed within the product line and at what cost ? Porsche would be at risk of losing its USP ( the 911 )
Whatever its called, it still won't be faster than the base 991. In other words - another marketing exercise.
The brightest thing for Porsche to do is surely leave it as The Cayman 'R'

The Cayman needs its own identity or else it will always be in a shadow and may also take away the 911 RS's mystic and allure...

Or something.

:D :D
^+1 -what Freddie said.

BTW, what is a Mini Coopan?

freddie44 said:
The brightest thing for Porsche to do is surely leave it as The Cayman 'R'

Disagree - it should be a CS just like the best flavour of 968. It will essentially be a marketing special with 5-10 extra hp over an S, some bucket seats and a bit of weight saving. As such it really isn't anything to get unduly excited about but if made would still be an excellent car.

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