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Cayenne S Tyre Wear

ben wheeler

New member
23 Mar 2005
Hi all

I recently met a fellow Cayenne S driver in the queue for new tyres at Micheldever Tyres Services near Basingstoke, Hants. We quickly realised that we were both suffering from the same problem with excessive tyre wear on the outside edges of both front tyres. We are both running 20" Cayenne SportDesign wheels with original equipment Michelin tyres. We had both independently complained to our respective Porsche centres and were told that the wheel alignment was 'within specification' and therefore there was no problem with the car. I had escalated my issue to Porsche Cars GB who told me that the same thing and refused to do anything about it.

My Cayenne has done 14,000 and is on it's 3rd set of front tyres. I have owned many performance and 4x4 vehicles in the past and have never experienced front tyre wear from new to bald in 6,000 miles. The rear tyres lasted for 13,500 miles which is acceptable.

We both believe that there is a manufacturing setup issue here and are keen to understand whether other Cayenne drivers are experiencing this ludicrous tyre wear also.

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Hi Everybody,

I bought a Cayeene S with 20 Inch Wheels, I had to move the Front Tyres to the Rear after 7,000 Miles the Front Tyres were almost new in terms of tread wear. The outside shoulders were very worn.

I took my car to Porsche Hatfield who suggested I had driven Badly! Checked the vehicle and said it was set up as specified by Porsche GMBH.

Speaking to the Salesmen they said that Cayennes did eat the side walls! One Customer was very irate when he needed new Tyes after 5,000 Miles!

What experience to other Cayenne, Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo Drivers Have?

I believe that Porsche have a Very Big Problem but currently will not admit it.

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Perhaps the off road areas you are driving on have particularly uneven mud :wink:

But seriously, dont know, I had a X5 until recently and I was actually quite impressed with the tyre wear especially given my driving style, does seem Porsche might have got an issue here.

Have you tried to speaking to any independant sources? I know for example that Henry at www.911virgin.com was running one and did a report on it in P+911 world. Might be worth a call he doesnt normally hold back on info.

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The Cayenne S has been driven by my Wife. On road, normal driving for X5's, ML's and most Cayennes!

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Glad I didn't buy one now. I have now done 13200 miles in my X5 and still have a good 5k worth on the front and the rears I'm sure will be good for 20k with even wear on individual tyres.

I understand I don't have the power of the Cayenne, but I do drive it like a nut case and I would be seriously pi$$ed off if I had to have new rubber every 6 - 8 weeks.

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Ive recently purchased a Cayenne V6 with 20'' Sport Wheels, to my horro it chewed through both front tyres after 5500 Miles and has now destroyed the rears after 10,000. I was fobbed off with a load of bull sh*t that my tracking was out of line and i'd obviously done it by driving up a curb!!! Its a ***** 4x4 for f**k sake.

Let me know if anyone else is experiencing the same problems, becuase then we can take our case to Topgear, Watchdog and any other name and shame organisation that can show them up!!!

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More dents in Porsche's reputation for quality... And another instance of Porsche not giving a toss...

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Hi All,

I have a Cayenne S with 19" wheels, & got 11.5k out of the first set of continentals and 14k out of the second set. I drive it pretty quickly and make good use of the performance and the handling. I thought this was pretty bad, but if mogsyman only expects 18,5k from his X5 diesel! (this thread) then I reckon that is pretty good, as clearly the performance is in a different league.

I'm tempted to try the Pirelli's or the Michelin's next. Anyone tried them?

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I think the problem is the 20" wheels. I have 19's on my XW t-Reg and 13k miles and the original tyres are fine but the fronts are showing some wear.

The problem is when you do a tight turn the wheels roll onto there outside edges,and they take a hammering. On a 20 inch tyre you have less play in the side wall, which is crwating the extra wear.

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