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Cayenne S overheated due to coolant pipe


New member
13 May 2013
Hello i have a question.

my Cayenne came up with the add coolant error on saturday. it leaked rapidly for about half a mile in which time i arrive home.

the coolant was steaming but still leaking. i immediatly filled up with water to help cool the engine down.

i drove about 4 more miles to get it to the garage from a cold start. in which i coasted in neutral for a long time.

i obviously know what the problem with the plastic pipes are. however im scared that i may have engine damage. i could not hear anything wrong when they moved it later in the the day.

what do you think? should i also get an oil change once it gets the coolant pipes upgraded?


if you haven't damaged the engine I would be incredibly surprised;
and no oil change is going to fix that
what should i be looking out for?

obviously im going to change the oil any way.

the temp never hit the red, and also engine too hot light did NOT come on.

i hope its ok.
Does your Cayenne have an oil temp gauge? That is the critical factor here - if the oil didn't overheat then you shouldn't have much to worry about. From what you've posted even the water temp didn't go into the red so I would hope you've avoided any lasting damage...good luck :thumb:

Oh, and :welcome:

Pics please...
apologies for my slightly negative original post;

how much water did you have to put in to fill the system back up ?

my KN had a leak for about 3 months - leaked a total of 1/2 litre a week, which was approx 500 miles.

I went the preventative route of getting the pipes replaced, as I had a garage look for the leak. They couldn't find one... until I pointed them to the pipe failure mode, upon which they found evidence of a small leak, which was running down the back of the engine onto the gearbox bell housing.

Replacing the pipes fixed the leak totally.

the other mode of failure is catastrophic;
pipes rupture, and lots of fluid gets released - temp gauge goes pretty much straight away into the red
a knock on effect of this is that the starter motor sits in the V of the engine - right where the water collects !
this may also lead to a failed starter - maybe not straight away but in the future
good luck, and let us know what you find out !
ive just spoke to motoraid in basildon essex, they have done many of these.

They said the chances of engine damage is minimal but always a possible case.

The "engine too hot" didnt come on and the temp gauge didnt go into the red although it was very high for a minute or so.

i think its the big pipe that has burst and not the 3 little ones.

i started the car again today and started pefect. no knocking noises etc.

he did say i shouldnt even need to replace to oil but its up to me if i want to.

i havent seen too many cayennes with complete engine failure around on the forums so this keeps me very hopeful
Dropped it off and had a good chat with them,.

they said about 1 in 20 probably need a new starter from there experience and said the chances of engine damage is minimal. i would of had to of driven it some distance before engine failure.

i will keep you posted when they start work in 2 days.
:evil: coolant pipes fixed and upgraded at £950 and have been told that the little end might be knocking. he could however only hear the knocking noise over 4500 and if it was with heavy accelaration. i also have heard this noise prior to the Coolant pipe problems.

prop shaft centre bearing is being changed tomorrow as its making the noise like your driving with a flat tyre!

hope fully i can get this fixed. and it isnt in fact the little ends. and hopefully it wont need a new prop shaft either.

what the ***** have i got myself infor on this car. luckily i earn well and will get it all put right.
Well I have put a deposit on a KN S (see other post) and I'm hoping I don't have any trouble with it.. I will probably do the coolant pipes myself if they are still the plastic ones. Cant be that difficult...
Had this on 2 V8 cayennes.

the first one I topped up the coolant and managed to get it to the workshop. Had the repair done and drove the car for another fewK miles before it went bang as a direct result of the overheating. scrapped the thing as the engine rebuild was almost as much as the value of the car.

on the second one i had learned my lesson and as soon as it popped i pulled over and had it trailered in for repair. no lasting damage done.

There is a fundamental problem with the series 1 cayenne V8s which makes the engine heat turn the hoses brittle and lots go pop around 80 - 100k.

There is a coolant pipe upgrade available and i recommend that anyone who has the series 1 V8 has this upgrade done as a preventative measure.

I know of friends and friends who have the V8's and of 6 cayennes, all of them have had the pipes blow. I don't know of a single V8 that has gone past 120K without dropping it's coolant.
Voodoocars said:
Well I have put a deposit on a KN S (see other post) and I'm hoping I don't have any trouble with it.. I will probably do the coolant pipes myself if they are still the plastic ones. Cant be that difficult...

What model? the new ones apparently don't suffer the same issues
Its a - gulp- 2003 model... It may have already been done. I wont know until I collect it next week.
Voodoocars said:
Its a - gulp- 2003 model... It may have already been done. I wont know until I collect it next week.

Hopefully it has been done and it was done a while ago. if it has been done only a couple of hundred miles ago then alarm bells would be ringing with me as it may have been done as a repair rather than a prevention and the damage may have already been done to the rest of the engine.

sorry to be the harbinger of doom and good luck

If it hasn't been done yet then it is not too hard a job for an indy to do. the new part comes in two pieces to make it easier to fit without an engine out job. The old pipe is chopped in the middle to make it quick and easy to remove.

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