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Cayenne 958 Turbo


11 Jan 2021
Just bought a 958.1 Turbo (2012) from an auction as I don't want to use my 997 in winter anymore - values going up and all that and last winter was a nightmare with all the snow and parking etc, etc. My logic being SUV's will be cheaper in summer in Finland.

The spec is huge but I am confused about several things:

Did they come standard with side skirts?
Does met jet black have a blue hue?
Is the split-level spoiler standard?
How hard is it to replace a front fog-lamp? There was a new one in the boot so I'm guessing it was on the previous owners to-do list.
Are the logos on the ECS tailpipes supposed to be pointing upward?

Initial observation:

Crikey it's quick


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Having an 06 955 Turbo (WLS - E81 Powerkit), I can't answer any of those questions.

The black on a 955 is actually Olive green though, apparently. You can see the green metallic hue in direct sunlight.
Yes, the rims are 22". They look quite OEM and also have Porsche centre caps. Don't think they do the ride any favours but they do give it a certain stance.

The winter wheels are 21" and OEM with new friction tyres on them so should make it pretty capable in the snow. Supposed to be as quick as my 997.2 but I don't think it is really. Hell of a car for the money though. My wife loves it!
Now it's got its identity back - see rear badge. Also re-dyed part of the luxor beige steering wheel (surprisingly easy) and replaced a front fog light (annoyingly difficult).

This was supposed to be a stop-gap to a Defender project (yes I know, but I had a VW Splitscreen Camper so...). However, I'm really starting to get attached to the thing. It's just epic. It bowls down the road like nothing else I've ever driven.

I just picked up the winter wheels from the dealer and they are fitted with the very best new Nokian tyres, so with raised suspension, it will be quite something on in the Finnish winter.

I should sell it but...


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