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Caterham & 993 Targa or 993/996Turbo only


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14 Aug 2004
Hi Guys,
Would be interested to hear your thoughts/comments on this nice dilema.
Prior to having my 993 Targa I used to own what one would say was an entry level Westfield 7. The Westy was a real hoot to drive around the "B" roads of the Cotswolds and it is the only car that I have previously owned that I actually miss. I
haven't sold a 911 before and I don't intend to for a while.
I've been considering buying a pretty potent Caterham this time, however this is where the dilema comes into play as I have been thinking that
I could put the Caterham money towards the purchase of a 993 or 996 Turbo instead.
I could keep the 993 Targa and have the Caterham as well or just have a
993 Turbo or 996 Turbo.
Either option interests me very much.
What are your views?

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not a fan of the caterham or westy purely cos they seem to be too focused a car on track use,obviously they can be used on a day-to-day basis but i think that defeats the point of having them

would a 993RS or 964RS be a better option for you,as they would be a bit more civilised in day-to-day running than the caterham or westy and still be suitable for tracking or B-road hooning

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There are some great roads around the Cotswolds, I see why you would miss the Westy. And if you miss it, get another one - only quicker this time! :D

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I think even an RS would fail to deliver the thrills of a 7 type car.

I'd go with the Targa, Caterfield combination.

I think that, whilst really fast, you'd find the 996 Turbo relatively remote feeling. 993 Turbo probably nearest to the best of both worlds. But somehow, I find the slightly softer suspension on the Targa ideal for "making progress" on our rubbish roads.

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IMHO having experienced a 996 turbo on a track, I'd say there is a world of difference between that and a lightweight such as a Caterham. The turbo is just a different car in every respect and in either 993 or 996 form a pretty awsome sports car. It just feels heavy though and I can understand the argument for having a light powerful car for thrills rather than comfort / reliability.

In reality, you don't have to be going too fast to have a lot of fun in a Caterham (the argument would stretch to an early 911). whereas you could probably do twice the speed in a turbo to achieve the same degree of feedback. But then again, a Porsche is less likely to kill you ...

A "standard" 911 isn't exactly slow either, so do you want the extra running costs of a turbo?

Having enjoyed the Cotswold Rally last weekend, I can understand the dilema. On a nice day it must be hard to beat open top motoring around that area. The targa may be a pretty good compromise. An upgraded engine and aero kit makes it look even better. A turbo would be great and perhaps my money would go on a 996 convertbile turbo as about the best choice (if still too expensive).

I wouldn't buy a Caterham but understand why people do.

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Thanks for the interesting comment/opinions.

Having owned a Westfield for 3yrs it was just excellent for a 60minute blast to blow the cobwebs away after a crappy day in the office. They are just so "adjustable" in the way they drive and as Anthony says, you don't need to be doing 120mph to have the fun. A Caterfield is a pretty selfish car and purchasing one is purely fro my own satisfaction and enjoyment. My wife is not interested as she finds them too brutal, she prefers her girly MX-5, which in its on right is an excellent car to drive, maybe I should drive that a bit more often.

On the other hand, having a 911 Turbo is a "itch that I have been wanting to scratch". Currently my 993 Targa is used as a weekend toy and is also used for going away at weekends etc where I want to be captivated by driving a car that feels "special" rather than a dull Eurobox. I spend too much time driving dull Eurobox's around the roads of Europe when on business.

I suppose what need to do is go and try a Caterham again, this time it may be a short term love affair and all I have are the good memories and have forgotten some of the compromises.


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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Westyman on 27 June 2006

On the other hand, having a 911 Turbo is a "itch that I have been wanting to scratch".
In that case, I'd get scratching if I was you ......

The turbo just keeps getting better and the 996 version is an exceptional every day car as well.

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by mark pearce on 27 June 2006

dont forget the GT3

Blows cobwebs away faster than a turbo
Very good point and normally aspirated.

Down side is that as GT3 and turbo prices seem to have hit their nadir, the turbo, at least the 996 turbo, would seem to have dipped in purchase terms below the GT3.

But Mark would have a better idea on prices?

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by mark pearce on 27 June 2006

dont forget the GT3

Blows cobwebs away faster than a turbo

Just read this thread, forget the turbo..

You want a GT3 CS!!!!!!

Its got your name written all over it :lol:


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