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Cat S 996 GT3 buy back -worthwhile, anyone want?

GT3 Buyer

New member
10 Dec 2008
I have the short term prospect of retaining my total loss 996.1. It's a sad story which will be told here for posterity in due course. At the moment I just wish to learn of the interest in a rare car to maximise my return?

Car is complete, considerable panel and glass damage.
Limited appeal but before photo catalogue and repairs will help. If it is repaired to a very good standard then it may appeal.

Bank on it only being worth 2/3 of a straight car.

I know of people who may be interested in its current state if the option to buy is realistic :thumb:
As one project draws towards a conclusion, so another project must begin. Post up details, I'm sure there will be some interest. More photos the better.

It's not that silver stolen one is it? :(
Its probably worth doing some research/sums at to what it will cost to fix up and then potential sale value post repair.

I bought back my cat C Cerbera about 12 years ago and rebuilt it on a new chassis. I had to pay 25% of the Insurance payout to buy the car back. Completely different car but the sums still worked out favourably and I couldn't bear the thought of a TVR going to the crusher when it could be saved.

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