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Carrera sidestripes on 997, good idea, colour choice?


28 Jan 2015
Hi guys, I have a midnight blue 997.2 coupe, with red calipers.
I really like the look of the old carrera with the Carrera lettering along the bottom of the doors/sides of the car, and am thinking of putting some on my 997.
Question. Good idea? A bit naff?
Second question. What colour of stickering will look best baring in mind the dark blue colour of the car? Red to match the calipers? White?
All opinions valued!
BTW I am in touch with Rick at Highgate House who will supply them.
I like a bit of side stripage. What colour are your rims? The stripes might look good if they matched the rims.
I considered this, albeit the Porsche script, and came to the conclusion that the 997.2 was so clean in its lines that it wasn't necessary. But if I had to choose, I'd go a lighter shade of blue or a mid grey.
Yes should have said, I have carrera sport wheels in mid grey. I think the car looks epic but I would like to add some fizz to it just for fun! Grey sticker age would blend in, but maybe a bit bland? I need to get it right as sticker age is not that cheap!
Midnight is such a great colour!

Try it and see if you like it - always easy to go back. I'd pick white, grey or silver. Could you match the wheel colour?

If you had dark wheels, something like gold, bronze or copper could look great too.



Great pics Yellow and thaks all for the feedback. I think I am leaning towards white or grey, but white will likely win it. I am thinking also of a stripe down the frunk, roof etc and white would work well for that. As well as some white roundels!! Wi post pics when done.
Thanks again guys

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