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Carrera 3.2 engine


New member
25 May 2003
Hi, I need a little help with recent engine behavior on my 1987 3.2 carrera:

I have owned the car for around six months now, and it seems in excellent all round condition for an old girl. However, I have noticed over the last couple of weeks that at around 2250 rpm the engine stutters and feels as though it is hunting for fuel. At higher or lower revs the problem does not happen. I have tried various fuels inc Optimax and off shelf inj cleaners.

I am reliably informed that this may be tired old injectors, air sensor problems, or possibly worn valve guides. I also recently got to thinking it may be something as simple as the valves needing adjustment. I have booked into JZ Machtech for their diagnosis, but would be grateful for any of your experiences.

While I'm picking your brains, how easy is it to replace snapped sunroof cables? Is this a job for me, or a proper grown-up?

Finally, should a G50 be noisy on changes? This seems to come from base of the actual shift, and feels/sounds like the linkage is passing through a very restricted opening.

Excellent site by the way, thanks to you lot the car has benefitted from Zymol as well as new Contis. The car is cassis and linen leather - which I thinks works very well.

Oh yeah! Has anyone chipped their 3.2, and if so is it worth it?

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Foxiadam. Sounds like you have had good advice on the engine stutter, and I wouldn't want to second-guess was JZ Machtech will find. Clogged/faulty injectors would probably get my bet though.

Re. your sunroof, I have seen instructions somewhere on fixing them and seem to remember it wasn't too difficult. The difficulty lay in arsing about inside the headline if I remember correctly. Have a look at:


and even better:


G50 should not be noisy. Perhaps a linkage issue. Can't point you in the direction of help on that one though I am afraid.

Cheers, James

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Thanks for your help. Have fiddled with headliner/motor, but job now on hold until repacement cable arrives as it doesn't seem to be one you can leave half done temporarily.

Update after next weekend!

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Here is a quick effective and very very cheap tuneup and reliability improvement for a 3.2 carrera.

Replace all the bullet fuses front and rear and make sure the contacts that hold them in are clean, then periodically rotate the fuse without removing it to ensure that a good contact is maintained.

This action as recomended in "911 and porscheworld" by an electronics employed porsche owner in Australia, immediatelly cured my cold start missing cylinders problem which had remained undiagnosed by experts for weeks.

Then clean the distributer inside, replace the rotor arm 7 quid or so and note how the smooth tickover returns!

The Bosche motronic system is sensitive to voltage and corosion can play havoc with the readings that the ECU gets from the various sensors on the engin which causes it to use the wrong mapping for any given circumstance.

Then get a free flow filter of the kind advertised in all the porsche and racing mags - K&n.

Note the throaty intake noise - just as I like it!

Then if you want a bit ! more sound drill 5 or six large round holes in the airbox cover - leaving the frame intact so that it correctly seals as before.

Porsche racers use a totally open air box frame for improved airflow.

The motronic system takes care of the air flow/fuel mixtures as before but get your garage to check tthe emissions at the next service and adjust to suit.

Then use Shell Optimax fuel for a further improvement.

Cost - not a lot and a result which gives you a really good basis for further more expensive upgrades if you still need them.

This is all from experience with my own 88 3.2 so I know it works.

All the best

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Top post. Loads of good advice for owners of the older cars - I am sure it largely applies well to SC's etc as well.


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Thanks very much. Well worth a try given the outlay.

Sunroof cables replaced without too much swearing.

Whilst checking the engine compartment relays/fuses I got to wondering if my valves were tapping. If they need adjusting would this give similar symptoms?

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Ok, back from machtech - very nice people indeed and i highly recommend them.

Most of the problems involve tlc, but something other older cars may suffer from is a perished vacuum line. it runs behind the throttle assembly and deteriorates with time, and doesn't help for smooth running.

cleaning the electrical connections helped - very cheap fix cheers for that!

i'm trying to source a salvaged airbox cover before i 're-engineer' mine in case it all goes wrong - thank you very much for your time.

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rotor arm and distributor cap knackered.

you're the daddy!



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