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Carrera 3.0 Purchase

Mike Horsburgh

New member
29 Jun 2003
Hi All

I think I'm about to buy a '77 Carrera 3.0

Do they have the dodgy cam tensioners and should I get them changed (how often??) or are they the uprated ones which don't fail as often - is there still a service recommendation on them?

Thanks...quick reply would be great, as I have to move quickly to buy the car.

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Pretty sure the 3.0s have the old type - but the mod to the oil fed tensioners is a very common upgrade which may have already been done and if not it is a relatively cheap (in Porsche terms !) mod.

Either way with an older car like this it is all the more important to have a proper pre-purchase inspection done by an expert before you even think of handing over any money - you may save yourself a lot of time / money / anguish in the long run.

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Thanks for the info...

Intend to get Autofarm to look at it before buy...but it's a VERY original 4 owner with 100K...

I've looked at 4 Carrera 3.0's and it's the best so far, by a good margin! Top dollar price, but worth it.

Thanks again...do you know any good specialists in Berks/Bucks/Oxon area?

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Other than Autofarm can't think of any off the top of my head. They're probably no the cheapest but they do come highly recommended. Also I suppose JZ Machtech is a possible - a quick blast round the M25 to Kings Langley ?

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Mike Horsburgh on 13 August 2003

I think I'm about to buy a '77 Carrera 3.0
From personal ownership experience I'd advise against it if you can and go for a 3.2 with the G50 gearbox.

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I too have been looking for a Carrera 3.0 so would recommend them. Generally a few grand cheaper than a 3.2 (about 5 grand cheaper than any 3.2 with a G50 gearbox). Also they are that bit more different than an SC. Finally, if you ever do have to take the engine apart a set of new pistons and a cam re-grind can get you 250 bhp as they run a pretty low compression which can be safely increased (to the level later SCs used).

This is probably too late for you but I thought I'd reply anyway (I've been away for a while I'm afraid).

For specialists have a look under the 'Recommended Websites' forum (or something like than). THere is a short list there.

Cheers, James

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Bought one...it'll be on the register stand at the Porsche Club Do on Sat at Eynsham Hall - had to look at lots before I found a good original one. Paid top dollar but that won't matter in 5 years when the value has gone up again.

In the event that it does need an engine rebuild (not too soon I hope) then I'll certainly look into uprating the power, although I'm finding it quick enough at the minute. The only rear drive cars I've owned before were Alfas, which are slightly more conventional in terms of weight distribution, so 200 HP and the arse end trying to overtake under heavy braking is quite enough at the minute :D

Looking through the history file there's a receipt for tensioners with a part number, and the next line says Kit. I think this might be an oil fed tensioner upgrade....is there a way of telling from outside, or do you have to strip and inspect?

Anyone know which type of tensioner is part number:

930 105 911 00 - Tensioner - £114 in 1990

930 105 912 01 - Kit - £124

It's a main dealer receipt, so they're proper porsche part numbers

Also on the invoice are an oil filter and gasket, which ties in as you lose all the oil when you change the tensioners (courtesy of a bit of friendly advice from JZ Machtech)



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The second ''kit'' is a 912 part number...its funny to see how old parts are used in newer cars...eg the 964 engine block was used in the 996 GT1. Congrats on your purchase.

James, you're back! Phil has been run off his feet.

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If you have the later tensioners you can spot fairly thin brass coloured oil lines running along the engine casing to them. You seem to have an interesting handling package there....... 'and the arse end trying to overtake under heavy braking' , I should get your brakes and geometry checked too.

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It's got new calipers and discs all round - just a combination of bumpy B roads and extreme speed...maybe not being quite in line when braking...and the billies on it will probably tend to make it a little bit more skittish over the bumps

geometry might be worth a look tho - just to make it behave a bit more

...I'll have a look for the oil lines...ta!



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Just beacause it's got new disks and calipers all round doesn't mean it should brake like a snake. OK if you brake on an uneven surface things might get a bit hairy (catches me out too down the country lanes) but if you think the behaviour is not what you would expect from a Porsche you are probably right. In your area Autofarm and JZ are the experts and fair .

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Mike, Give us some more details on your car - colour etc. Is it the red one from the North East?

Cheers, James

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Nah...white...been in the south east all it's life

Used to belong to Keith Ripp (British Rallycross Champ several times) in the early 80s, then by a bloke in High Wycombe who had it 18 yrs, and sold it to the people I bought it from. They have 18 classic cars, so hardly used it.

It's done 100k Miles on it's original engine and box (still got the original owners handbook with the same numbers in it), which haven't been rebuilt, but don't smoke or crunch. It seems to be pretty standard and original and is immaculate apart from the odd stone chip. I think it's still got all its original panels and paint. Been mollycoddled all its life and the result is it's remarkably well preserved.

It'll be on the Carrera 2.7 and 3.0 stand at the Porsche Club do this weekend if you're there.



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