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Cargraphic - Sound versus Super Sound


24 Oct 2004
Has anyone compared the Cargraphic Sound and Super Sound systems?

The Sound is classed as TUEV-certified whereas the Super Sound is "export".

I guess what I'm asking is: just how loud is the Super Sound, especially at cruising speed.
I have a cargraphic with gundo hack on mine, I will check the paperwork to see which I have this evening.
John, I have 997.2 with a full Cargraphic super sound valved set upwith their tri metal 200cell cats and 3rd muffler delete (997.2 has a single 3rd Box after the normal side boxes . and its 133.4db on loud and 119db on quiet. :thumb:
130 dB is jet ✈️. I'm guessing it's quite sociable around town then.
Phil 997 said:
its 133.4db on loud and 119db on quiet

Did you do a measurement on the original exhaust for comparison?
Phil 997 said:
133.4db on loud and 119db on quiet

Also, I was just wondering what affect the "3rd muffler delete" has on the sound level.

Obviously, the 996 only has the side boxes; but I imagine that the duties were shared amongst all three on the 997.

So the centre-delete may have had a significant affect.
I don't have numbers to compare, and sound is always very subjective. I can only say I test drove a 996.1 C2 with the loud version before I bought my car. The sound was great when driving, especially with windows down (and tunnels even better). However it wasn't neighbour-friendly enough for where I live.
i have the cargraphic valved exhaust which supposedly toggles between the TUV sound and super sound.

i have never heard a 'non valved' super sound exhaust so don't know whether mine with the valve open sounds the 'same' but from my experience with the valves open the exhaust is still perfectly civilized when you want it to be; cruising on motorway and modest throttle openings are not that much different to when the valves are shut - the big difference comes when you open her up and then its sounds great and the difference between the two settings is indeed noticeable.

i would add though that on start up its not exactly neighbor friendly and i do wish it started in quiet mode at times!

My advice would be to go for the super sound. i very rarely drive with the valves shut.
Hugh_ said:
I have a cargraphic with gundo hack on mine, I will check the paperwork to see which I have this evening.

Sorry for not confirming sooner, the paperwork I have from Parr, which in the description says" Supplied and fitted Cargraphic short exhaust silencers...", and in the parts list described it as "996 ETR Silencer set".

Cargraphic website gives the Sound part number as CARP96ETR

So looks like I have a gundo'd Sound. I'm happy to try and record the sound if you want?
Hugh_ said:
I'm happy to try and record the sound if you want?
That's very kind of you but no need to bother as I ordered my exhaust this morning. Thanks for the offer though.
Which did you go with with out of interest?

.I was about to go with the ETR sound version, but interested in thoughts if it's fitted already?

Thanks Dammit. I currently have a 200 cell Top gear X-pipe together with the standard sports Cargraphic boxes. They are a bit quiet for me, though really refined at motorway work. No drone or low frequency boom. Makes a big difference when doing longer distances.

Would just like a bit more rrrrrraaawwwaahhh. When I put my foot down......... But not too much!

Are yours the midway version? I think they do mine...CARP96ET then the sound version CARP96ETR then the louder export version CARP96ETS. I'm looking for the Goldilocks of exhaust silencers!
Have you considered the switchable Cargraphics?

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