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Car stereo upgrade


New member
16 Oct 2013
All - I'd like to replace the standard stereo on my 996 for something more modern (CD, DAB, USB connection for iPhone).

I'm seen them on sale for around £50 at Halfords and installation at £30.


- will a DAB radio work or do I need a special receiver / converter;
- will Halfords be competent at doing this or is this a job for a Porsche specialist; and
- will installing the radio adversely affect the DSP settings (pop, classic, etc).

Grateful for your thoughts.
A lot of us have upgraded to a double din unit from the likes of Pioneer and Kenwood although obviously this is more then the £50 you quote.
Any reputed ICE installer will be able to remove your old and fit new.
Am on my phone so can't post a pic but if you do a search on here you will see various pics including mine of double din installs.
I've got a Pioneer AVICF20BT. It's a bit long in the tooth now and needs upgrading.

It wont synch with my Samsung Galaxy 2 and the Sat Nav is out of date and i dont have the upgrade codes for it. I used to have a Chinese Ebay special in 2008 and it was way better than the Pioneer i have now.

I'll be looking for something else and i quite fancy the Android G3 systems so i can have google maps as the Sat Nav. I think a touch screen with some decent choice apps would be pretty worthwhile and i can while away some hours when im waiting for the girlfriend (if i had one of course but i've wasted enough hours of my life to know a good investment).

how straight forward is it to lower the climate control unit to where the cd storage is and replace the stereo with a double din sat nav unit? the picture of the installation on this thread shows it must be possible?
You get what you pay for and £50 isn't going to get much.
Save a bit more [Xmas is nearly here] and purchase
something decent in the way of a stereo, or 6 months down
the line you will probably regret spending The cash.
Replacing the stereo yourself isn't that difficult and there
are plenty of people and posts on here to get advice from.
It's very easy to move the climate control, you just need a
new cubby for the lower faschia. [no rewiring needed]
the cubby hole looks to be a fairly generic unit? i was thinking of something in the alpine range with bluetooth for my phone and a sat nav-six or seven inch double din model. seen something i like already,was wanting to be sure that the climate unit was easy to move. thanks.
are there any cross bars to remove to insert a double din unit?

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