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Car gone into sleep mode and can't manually unlock door.....


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26 Aug 2011
Haven't used the Porsche for a week, and when I went to get in it today the car had gone into power saving mode, after some research on here I find how to wake the car up. But there's a problem the car won't manually unlock!! Anyone got any ideas? I've even tried using the manual cable on the boot to force the alarm to go off but the key fob didn't silence the alarm( key fob is working)

Please someone help me
Have you ever used the key lock before?

Do you (or did) previous owner lubricate it every winter?

My guess is the barrel is seized.

No barrel movement means no wakey-wakey.

That or the lock unit is mechanically disconnected or seized.

There is no other way to wake the receiver circuits.

Without the receiver circuits, only using the key in the ignition will disable the alarm.
I had this, and I just had to turn it a bit harder than my mechanical sympathetic side wanted to let me. But don't blame me if you snap the key.................
+1, but with a small caveat I forgot join the dots on my train of thought in my first post, before I went off on another possible culprit:

As with all things seized (ie the lock barrel), get some WD-40 down it and let it dwell. Repeat this a couple of times, then attempt to NOT break the key.
Thanks guys

I actually think the lock is disconnected mechanically!!! Everything turns freely when I try to turn key but nothing happens, looks like I am going to have to get someone round to break into the car!!
Silly question but assume you have tried unlocking the passenger door? If both locks are the same them I'm guessing the problem lies somewhere else :dont know:
The problem lies in that there is no passenger lock! (it is a blank)

9x6 money saving :bandit:

As to the OP, it was not clear if the lock was seized, hence my suggestion of the mechanical disconnection as guess two.

My best guess is that 1) (seizure) happened some time in its life and the owner broke the barrel (they are fitted with anti-theft rotating lock barrels that are designed to shear on excessive force), then 2) (freely rotating) happened.

As the car is 99% opened on the fob, no one ever checked.

I would use my lock barrel all the time for raising and lowering the windows (shutting roof) as it is more controllable than the fob, plus my car was always in sleep mode and I needed to wake it (>7 day lack of use on 996).

In the end, just used to leave it unlocked to save the bother (and the battery)

I is a shame the barrel is rotating, as even if the lock mechanism had become disconnected (or broken), the micro-switches could have allowed you to drop the windows to gain access.

I think you may need the AA/RAC or a garage to gain access via the window and then you can get to both the ignition, central locking button and internal door handles etc
I had something similar last year...very rarely used the key to lock/unlock the car and after being on holiday came back to discover that the lock mechanism was broken and car i sleep mode so I was locked out.

In the end got the wheel off, accessed the cable to open the bonnet, battery cable off/on and it woke the thing up and then fob was good to unlock the car.

It was a right old pain in the neck at the time as trying to find the cable to open the bonnet was tricky to say the least.

I seem to recall then it was only a couple of hundred quid at OPC to replace the mechanism.

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