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Car detailed


Active member
27 Nov 2012
Because my wheels are away with chris from excel I thought it would be a good idea to go the whole way and get the car detailed as because it black its started to form swirls that you can see in sunlight, so I contacted a local company regarding and this was where it stopped!! The guy I spoke to informed my that he would need the car for 4 days to work on at a cost of £800 Errrr no thank you. So I decided to try the meguiers 3 stage polish witch strips it back with the 1st then polishes with the 2nd and waxes with the 3rd. And to be fair it's a great improvement I've now got a swirl free 997. Oh and biceps like this. î…Œ
Hope you took some photos. How long did it take?
It took about 4 hours altogether so not too bad ill upload the before and afters later.
Martian said:
Only four hours? It takes me that long just to wash my car! :mrgreen:
Snap re washing time!
I do my own detailing. The internet is your friend and also forums like Detailing World. I've been on there for years.
£800 though, that is some cash!
Isn't it great though when you finish a job like machining your car!!!!!
4 hours is quick! It takes me that long just to wash, clay, wax & polish mine.

~ Maxie
4 hours for me is just a wash, dry and QD!!
It's a job I love to do....................thankfully

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