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Car Buying Scam - Seller Beware!


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15 May 2002
If you are looking to advertise your car on this site or any other then please read the note below I have received from an advertiser on this very site:


[email protected] (probably in the stars with Luke Skywalker) tried to buy my 911. Over the six weeks he lost his wife and children in a road accident would not give a mobile phone number lived in America but travelled all the time had a collegue who should have raised the cheque the cheque was eventually raised for twice the purchase value had to remortage his house the cheque was fraudulant!!!!!!!!!!

Today I have once again had a similar reply to my advert from [email protected], who's collegue will raise a UK certified cheque..........I will not be replying to him

BEWARE all your sellers


Never commit to a sale unless funds have fully cleared!

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I saw something on this on the UK business forum site this afternoon. Apparently it is an extension of the Nigerian 419 scam. Having exhausted that one, they have turned their attention to something that they think sounds a little more credible than offering 20% of £X miilions for all your account details

Also have a look at

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Since placing a couple of adverts on Findit I have also been regularly sent illegitimate letters from fookers wot can hardly spel. Most of these buggers live in ranches in Holland somewhere in Africa and they all have bulging chequebooks full of worthless promises. Some regail under very impressive titles (Worthington are you reading this?) but at the end of the day they are just cheats and con-men.

Apart from listing them as scammers I usually send them a charming letter full of fruity adjectives....and then block them.

One chap was very interested in my replacement ECU chip for a Polo. I got a full run down on his medical history, his wife's painful complaints and the kids, well, too much information. He offered me a bankers draft for nearly £2K- so I told him how I thought the ECU could be safely transported without fear of damage. :wink:

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yea.. I had this one sent to me as well....

guy wanted to give me £10k more for my ex-TT !

I did reply saying there would be special UK export tax and a sellor transastion fee and also a banking admin charge that would account for £9.5k of the extra ! he didnt repond.. how strange !!! :wink:

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..............just agree and send a em a mini champ model on completion!!!!!

LOL !!!

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..here's a fresh example! I especially like the reference to your "( CAR )"!

Hello, Good day to you,Am a International Business Man.Am Exporting and inporting of Goods such as bike kawasaki suzuki honda and bmw part, you have for sale to customer .Right now have a costomer that is very much intrested in purchase your (CAR ) which you list for sale.do get back tome with the last offering price so that payment will be made to you lmmediately.mode of payment will becertified cashier check.As for the shipping My International shipping agentwill come or the picking up.hope to read from you soon..............

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