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Can you handle it - again ?

Jamie Summers

Well-known member
29 Oct 2002
Just thought I'd re-post his up here as I've not had any takers yet ........

Any of you who did / didn't make it to the 'can you handle it ?' track day / driver tuition day may be interested to hear that the mate of mine who organised the day first time I did it has arranged another go at it for this Sunday (12th Oct), and he has a few places left........

Format will be the same as before (have a look at the old thread on this topic) as will cost ie. £150. Decent lunch chucked in for free and a TV to watch England's first Rugby World Cup game - who could ask for more ?

Send me a P.M. if you are interested ...................................

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I take it the day will not be just Porsches? I ask because a mate of mine bought a '78 Corvette last week and on the first day of owning in spun it through 360 degrees while changing lanes on the M25 at 60mph. He has, understandably, scared himself stupid and needs a) to boost his confidence and b) explore the handling of the car. I figure something like the "Can You Handle It" day would be ideal.

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Open to anyone who fancies it (even red Fiestas !). Email your mate the details and tell him to get in touch, he'd be more than welcome.

That sonds like a very serious brown-trouser moment, how the hell did he manage not to hit anything ?

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360 on the motorway and missed everything? I think he must be a very good driver already!

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Apparently the story is:

Doing about 50mph in the middle lane of the M25.Decides to move into the outside lane while giving it a bit of gas (apparently nothing to severe with the right foot though)Car steps out 90 degrees so that they are facing the central reservationCar snaps back 190 degrees to thay they are facing the opposite directionCar then snaps back the other way, doing a long, slow 360 degree spin with enough time to think "I am going backwards down the M25. Hmmm"Car stops spinning, facing the right way and driver coasts onto the hard shoulderOwner of car replaces mate driving and both go home feeling "humbled"!

Fortunately the guy driving the car has driven all sorts including various Prancing Horses so has some experience of powerful, rwd cars. He is quoted as saying, however, that none felt quite like the 'Vette!

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Jamie. How did the day go? Any stories???

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The day went very well - exactly the same format as when we all did it in June. No major incidents, just a few more mm of tyre wear (I think one more track day will be the end of them.) There was so much dust flying around (kicked up by the rally school next door) that my car looks like it has just finished the Paris-Dakar Rally. Sadly won't get a chance to clean it before I go off to Malaysia for a fortnight at the weekend - does anyone fancy a job ? Noony, I'll pay the same as Macdonalds !!!!

Butzi (Mick) from on here came along too with his lovely 993 C2, good to meet him (and whip his ass - joking !) There was a 993 C4 Cab there too. Amazingly on the drag strip my car and the 2 993's were very evenly matched (OK I was quicker than both of them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - joking again !), but as ever they were able to stop a lot quicker than me. The more I drive my car the more I realise that the brakes are the main weakness of the 3.2 (or maybe its driver's inability to use them properly ?). Anyway it was a good day and the weather was pretty kind to us and as far as I know everyone made it home in one piece !

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Ill even zymol it if you bring it to me and let me drive it :wink:

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Let me think about that for a moment ..... hmmmm NOOOOOOOO ! (that didn't take long)

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Boy was it a great day!! My first track day, and that's the ONLY reason Jamie got in front of me, next time....hee,hee,heee....

I have never driven my car this hard before, and the Fat Bottom Girl behaved perfectly on the day. The car didn't look anywhere near as rough as I expected after the day. Drove home as if nothing has happened, except a mm or so tyre loss, thou the rubber looks a bit grainy/rough.

I'm also quite proud of the little bit of orange plastic on both sides of the front bumper, just to show that I was trying hard. Lucky I had Armourfend protection, so it will rub off easily.

At one point I was glad my brakes were working well, when Jamie's car was soooo close in front of me at the end of the long straight, braking from >110mph. I think I saw the cooling fan through the grill while praying for you to turn NOW!!!!

Again, thanks a lot Jamie for letting me know about this, I'm sure we'll meet up again on the track.

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