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can I afford to run an old 911/993


New member
8 Sep 2002
I've finally scraped together enough cash, to get onto the first rung of 911 ownership. I've got between 22000-26000 & am considering a 93 c2 or similar. My main question is HOW MUCH SHOULD I ALLOW FOR MY MAINTENANCE BUDGET FOR A YEAR. I'm scared of buying a 9 or 10 year old car and finding myself with a bill larger than expected.

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Would you not consider buying a boxter from a main dealer with a long warranty etc if your worried about getting caught with high running costs?

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Yup i've considered the boxter, but can only really afford the 2.7 - which although a great car, is a bit too slow for my taste. I'd rather stick maybe £2000? per year in the bank for maintenance - I know its a bit of a gamble - but how much of one?

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Hi Graham

Yes, its a gamble, but with that kind of money you should be able to get on the 993 ladder, which are reputed to be infinitely more reliable than the c2/c4.

Best of luck and keep us posted :)

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There's very little to go wrong with a well cared for 993. I've known clutches to go from around 50K onwards, and there's the infamous wiring loom that'll need replacing if it hasn't been done already. Tyres are going to cost around 150-200 a corner, drive it enthusiastically and they won't last too long! Your best bet is to visit a good independent specialist such as RSJ or Fuchs and pick up a wonderful 94/95 LHD 993 for around 22K with a year's warranty. There's lots on 911uk.com, do a search on "LHD"

Don't forget to let us know what you decide to do!

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To get an idea of maintenance costs give your local OPC and/or independent specialist a ring and ask what the service costs are. Although 911s are generally pretty reliable even a 993 is going to be around 10yrs old and things do wear out. My guess would be to put aside £1000 for servicing and fixing plus have a few grand allocated in case (just in case) anything really bad happens. If £1000 sounds a lot just start factoring in depreciation and suddenly owning a 911 doesn't sound so bad. My wife's little Fiesta has cost me around £2000 a year in depreciation so far (over 3 yrs)!

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PS Is your 911 going to be a daily driver? If not, you might want to consider a 87-89 Carrera 3.2 (or even an older car) for your first 911. Great cars but a little less comfortable than a 993

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James - I've yet to look at an older 911, but have heard that the interior is pretty much the same as a 964, is this correct?

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I have to tell you that I am no expert, just an enthusiast, but yes, the interiors change very little. The main changes over the years seem to be in the number and placement of airvents, for example, I think that it wasn't until the end of the 70s that 911s have separate, independent face airvents.

Although, obviously, there is a certain evolution to the interior it doesn't change that much until the 996.

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Dont worry about reliability of older Porsche, a 3.2 Carrera that has been look after and USED thats important is very reliable. i use one everyday.

Just off to Stratford in it now.


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