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Can 911 Virgin sell a green 993 C2 with 100k+ miles?

Having first declared my interest to Tom on Nov 6th, I finally collected the beautiful 993 C2 featured in this thread today. I'd been edging this way after being so drawn to 993s at the Brands Hatch Festival of Porsche in September. The more of a 911 enthusiast I was becoming, the more I wanted to own one further back in their evolution.

That said, my 997 was a huge pleasure to own and drive, so I resolved to make a move only if what I thought was a perfect car for me became available from somewhere I wanted to buy it from. This car and buying it from Tom at 911 Virgin completely exceeded my expectations. Tom is clearly running a busy and successful business and deservedly so because it's based on high quality stock and high standards of customer service. This has been best car buying experience I've had by a long way, many small details made it so.

The car is an absolute minter and as reported from Sid at Porsche Torque (where I will take it for its onward care), it's bone dry underneath. It's had new Michelin PS2s, a geo, waxoyled and Tom had a new starter motor fitted as he felt the old one had seemed a bit sticky. I also had a 3-spoke 996 wheel and Becker Grand Prix (amber display!) with iPod fitted.

I've now got a litre of the oil 9m last filled it with (Millers 10w40 semi), a tank of Shell's finest and a dehumidifier in the garage. All set to begin my 993 adventure :thumb:


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Great choice - cracking car!!
Congratulations, looks an absolute cracker! I came to 993 ownership via a Gen 2 Carrera and 981 Boxster S and have no regrets. The 993 is an occasion every time it's driven, I hope you enjoy yours as much as I am enjoying mine.
Congrats and that car is absolutely pristine. Now go and put another 100k miles on it and get it dirty :D
Lovely. Welcome to the club :thumb:
Congratulations...:) and welcome to the Aventura club 8)

Will it be a garage queen or daily driver?
Looks like you could be in close proximity, hope to see you out and about soon!
Congratulations! Great to hear that car found a good home.

I'll wager I wasn't the only one that seriously considered buying it as an investment. Right now having that sum of money invested in such an asset looks a more attractive proposition than a rather frothy and unstable equities market.
Been there done that well done :thumbs:
:thumb: On the car

:envy: On the colour. (I think many more 911's should be green as I'm a huge fan of the shape in that colour)

:grin: On the onward care

We should organise a West London meet....some interesting cars n these parts...... :chin:
Thanks for the comments and encouragement, 993 ownership is probably something I wouldn't have done without the enthusism and knowledge on this forum. I'll pamper her mechanically and cosmetically, but no danger of being a garage queen. Couple of commutes a week, pleasure driving at the weekend.

Definitely up for a west London meet up :thumb:
MJA911 said:
No danger of being a garage queen. Couple of commutes a week, pleasure driving at the weekend.

:yahoo: :clap: :clap: :Dance-Tap: :dance: :food: :worship: :thumbs: :santa:

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