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Camshaft solenoid on bank one

The Baron3

1 Nov 2021
Car has been hunting on idle and when very hot on idle will sometimes stall.

I have have cleaned the maf, cleaned the TB, reset it all, have also run the he car with MAF disconnected, no real change. Car not showing any warning lights and my basic code reader not throwing up any codes

So bit the bullet and had it professionally diagnosed, it seems the MAF is not working effectively so I have will replace that myself but the other issue code that has be highlighted is the camshaft solenoid on bank 1 is throwing up a fault.

For clarification they have given me the following fault code P1341 bank 1 camshaft adjuster.

New solenoid from design 911 is around £500 but it requires around 10-12 hrs labour.

I personally think it could be bad wiring as a fault to maybe check first.

My questions is, I have tickets for Oulton PArk gold cup next week and will be showing the Car, it's around a 400m round trip will I damage the car.

There are no symptoms of power loss, runs smooth, only issue is the occasional cutting out at traffic lights.
I had the same issue on mine recently. Would loved to have replaced it myself but on the .1 (which I'm assuming yours is by the sounds of the part price) it requires the rear of the engine to be dropped as a minimum which wasn't a job for me on the driveway.

I booked it in and had it replaced at FGP. Luke advised me beforehand it wouldn't be an issue to drive the car as is so you should be fine.

FYI - retail on the part is around £475inc VAT from Porsche from memory and if you're friendly with the parts team you can usually get 10% off on your orders, worth the effort for those numbers! There is also a few good threads on Rennlist on diagnosing the issue, incl. wiring checks etc
Is your car a Turbo? If so, it might be a broken solenoid bracket, which lets the solenoid move a little bit.

Photos and info here : Check those solenoid brackets!
Thanks for the info, can I ask how much he job was in total?PM if more comfortable.

No it's not a Turbo.
Had same issue.. Same code. Hunting at tickover but runs fine up the rev range.. Had problem for 18 months with no running problems so you'll be ok for your trip..
Had it replaced eventually at just under £800 all in. Hope this helps.
Thank you, that has put my mind at rest.

I've booked it into my Indie on the 7th Sep he reckons about 4hrs work.
I paid $225 delivered for that solenoid in October 2018 and my mechanic charged me 6 hours labour to fit it.......if that helps.

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