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Cabriolet Roof issue


20 Jun 2020
so i decided today to put the hardtop back on for winter,i put the roof back all the way then with a friend lifted the hardtop back on
i used the little red handled tool and turned the allen key type thingys on each side to lock, however one of the allen key housings appeared to have snapped along the edges so once it was locked i thought ok no big issue , ill get that sorted next year when i want to take the hardtop off again

i then drove down the road and quickly had a message saying something like the roof wasnt down properly (there was a red light on the dash too)

im gonna have a mess with it tomorrow,look almost like some angled small mole grips could lock on and turn it (if they even exsist)
im scared that if i get it off though i cant get it back on and im stuck with the convertable roof all winter

ive attached a pic (not my roof) not the circled bit but the female part that this goes into, thats the part i need the name of

is the bit thats snapped available to buy as i could probably fit it


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"not the circled bit but the female part that this goes into, thats the part i need the name of".

If I understand correctly, you're referring to the hard top roof mounting (the female part that the roof pin mounts into).

The left one (as in the photo) would be this.


If this is the part and you replace the left (nearside) one, please don't bin the old one. I need the plastic ring with wires part on it for the heated roof. My only option so far, is to buy the whole mount for £300. I'd happily buy an intact ring with wires for a reasonable price.

Mine has a sheared off wire connector and i can't think of a way of re-attaching as it's snapped flush with the plastic ring
because mine is split to hell theres no chance the allen key will move it

what are my options regarding getting the hardtop off now?

trid grips but they just keep slipping

id definatly like one of those little clips you made to over the top but think mine are maybe too far gone

also is it a main dealer part only?

ibe seen old battered hardtops on ebay for £100 would i be best getting one taking the convertable conectors off one and then ditching the roof?

also regarding the reply above, Heated Roof? whats that all about
Heated roof = heated rear window.

You can undo the three bolts holding the pin assembly to the roof. Once you've done that, then you can decide appropriate action. Either get it repaired or find a replacement.
No.18 on the above link is what needs undoing .. 10mm bolts but access with the hardtop fitted is impossible i think .. in this instance you have to find some way of cutting the hardtop fixing to remove that and then replace the base part ..

In all honesty this is more a garage job i feel .
its definatly number 17 pal i managed to get the hardtop off from inside the car with the roof on, pretty simple to be fair


luckily its not the side with the cable for the heated rear window so i just need that bolt

i genuinley refuse to pay £300 for a little bolt as its an absolute p*** take

ive seen hardtops opn ebay for £100 so im gonna get one and remove its connecting bolts and fix it this way

far easier and not giving porsche £620 to supply and fit one

i tried to contact the guy on here who managed to fix his with a small sheath of metal but i think hes moved on
I'm the guy who fixed it with a metal sheath and I'm still here.

Those ones in the eBay link are split round the top if you look. Wouldn't go near them. Buying a second hand one, you'll still potentially have the same problem.

PM if you want so help.
Did your hardtop come with the car or did you buy it separately
I seem to recall Porsche changes the 'spikes' on the hardtop, you may be trying to fit the older style on a newer car
yeah, my car came with the hardtop
i may just buy an old hardtop on ebay,theres a few of them for a little as £100

then ill change both spikes


first though im gonna try a local metal fabricators and see what he can do
Pm sent.

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