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Cabriolet roof Embarrassingly squeaky


4 Mar 2020
When I put the roof down in my 991 Carrera (15 plate) it squeaks to the point where I'm embarrassed to do it if anybody is about. It also seems to get slightly stuck on the way down but shuffles itself in order.

Last time it went for a service (60K service) it had the roof service included and was working well.

Can I spray some big standard WD40 onto the joints providing it doesn't get onto the cloth? Or does it need to go in for more money spending,

That is given that it suddenly needs three tyres, a glove box handle, door adjustment, nee windscreen and new brakes???
I haven't got any experience of this on a 991 but we've owned lots of convertibles over the years. We've seen 2 different types of noise in the past: the first is hydraulic and the second is dry joints. If the fluid level goes too low the pump gets very noisy (air bubbles being introduced within the hydraulic fluid) and dry joints can usually be individually identified.

If it's the joints, I don't know whether you should use standard lubricant or silicone on a 991 but I'd be tempted to try a light silicone and follow it up with a silicone grease on the joints being really really careful not to get any overspray on fabric or leather trim.

Hope this helps.
I think something like wd40 is the best option as it will penetrate more on the roof pivots .. my main concern is it doesn't go down smoothly .. something to me is not right there but i would need a video of roof and noises to have a chance at guessing a fault here .

[email protected]

Or do a youtube link .

Brakes .. hmm .. very subjective .. i can easily have a different opinion to my colleagues at work regards these ..

OPC work on will they last 2 years till next service based on 20K per 2 years .

Indys are more relaxed and say .. you have about 5 K miles left so when the light comes on then book it in .

Neither is wrong IMHO .

I'll also add brakes and its down to how a car is driven .. i've flagged them up in the past as approx 5K .. they have come in for brakes and ive had to admit .. you have about 5K left on them ... its customer use that determines if they need changing or not ..

But .. you have a warning light when they are low .. that's about 3K from totally worn out so plenty of time at that point to get them changed .

Considering you will probably have discs and pads changed then you can almost use them down to the metal !

Glove box handle .. if it doesn't open then fair enough .. if it does then what's the issue ?

Tyres and both OPC and Indys flag them up at 3 mm .. legal limit is 1.6 mm .. 3 mm though and lower and the grip is beyond what it should be .

Door adjustment ? its 2 bolts and a push on the lock ... not sure the issue there as its 5 mins of work ?

BTW .. a roof service is basically greasing the moving parts of the roof .. a few different greases are needed in different places .
A link to your video for others to watch and reply ..


Its seems to me like the rear window is getting caught .. it's not going low enough and the roof is forcing it down .. that needs looking at .

The noise may be related to this or i would hazard a guess at one of the rams has a dry seal and is causing it .

Either way .. to me it should be easy enough to fault find at a garage .. it's not exactly quiet !
Thanks for your reply. It seems to me that the noise comes from every joint and I hope that Porsche aren't going to suggest a whole new roof!!!

Now the engine fan warning 'engine fan failure - driving's permitted not under full load" has come on and won't go off
That would be the fans on the engine lid .. best guess is a plug has come disconnected from one of them .

You wont need a new roof .. i don't think or seem to remember that you are a massive distance from where i work .. i would want to have a look first before confirming something like that .

Obviously i don't represent my garage and they would charge you( i'm just a mechanic there ) .. i have to point that out but i would prefer to cast my eye over it if it's possibly getting expensive to confirm any issue .

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