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C4S to 488


9 Jun 2018
whoever gets my C4S will be getting a superb car for sure


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Stunning looking car! Enjoy 👍😁🚗
love the 488 -fantastic choice.
But what have they done to the F8? Overstyled in my opinion.
I love that it looks fantastic - wish I had the confidence to roll in one of these as a dd like you - come back in 6 months and kindly let us know what the day to day experience is like very interested 8)
That looks superb. Would love to hear how you get on with it.

Awesome choice, a modern V8 Ferrari is the ultimate daily driver :thumb:

Turbo s is a fantastic car, but at ~£190k I'm not sure the difference in driving experience to your incumbent is altogether justified by the cost to change. The 488 will offer much more than the simple (but oh so addictive) straight line aggression of a turbo s, and I'm looking forward to hearing that you agree... you will :grin:
will report back - but I won't have it for the first week or so as I am getting it totally PPF'd and wheels and callipers ceramic coated at Max Protect in Kings Langley
Send Janis regards from Imi. He's a good guy. The PPF on gulf blue turbo on this thread he did too. And my own 997 :bye:
Great looking car. Classic spec. You are going to be smiling a lot more than usual :) The 3.9 is easily the best turbo engine produced for a road car. Great handling and pointy steering. Rifle bolt gear change with more character (the Turbo s is Certainly a more efficient gear change but the Italian has the character).

Turbo s is a great all round car. Both get to license losing territory / jail time in seconds. But that price puts the Turbo S into a bracket that pits it into some real competition that trumps it on emotion.

Turbo S or Ferrari is the very definition of a first world problem. Enjoy the ride :thumb: :thumb:
Will be interesting to see how you get on......I ran a F430 Spider as a daily back in 2007, did c30,000 miles in it over c18 months...........absolutely loved the experience but it was tempered a little by the extremes of joe public reaction.....my experience was that a Ferrari attracts a more polarised reaction than a Porsche which is more universally accepted ........and mine was black not red lol.......lots of great memories though and grateful for the chance to live with one as a daily, makes every day a play day ........its amazing what you can get away with......I had mine full of compost and plants etc......
Thanks All. Yes Janis is a good guy. He has got a video on YouTube doing a 488 Pista so I know its in good hands. He did my Wife's Macan S which is Midnight Blue and where we live there's a lot of lanes and random branches......

I also get the public opinion comment and have thought about that but hey ho!

Let you know how we go! :thumb:
MLB9911 said:
p.s. no way on the pot plants :floor: :floor: :floor:

True story, had stayed over in Ambleside and SWMBO wanted to 'call into" the garden centre as you drive out.......the place was packed so struggled to park and the staff moved some cones near the entrance which was a bit embarrassing in itself......but then the looks we got trying to get plants and pots into every nook and cranny.....she even bought a hedgehog house which she had to put on her lap ......roof down it looked like I was moving a forest :roll:

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