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C4S Intermittent wipers not working


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5 Jan 2009
Replaced the switch, no change. No rain sensor on my car as far as I know. Anyone know what the fault might be please :thumb:
Have you tried turning the 'time interval' knob on the dash one end then the other then a little bit more?

Like volume controls that are never used on a radio they can become intermittent as they are basically a variable resistor.
Which switch did you change? The stalk switch?

If you haven't looked at the delay potentiometer Storm has mentioned, check the connector on the back of it. The wires in the loom are too short, and it is common for them to unplug themselves.

You could also look at changing the relay.
Thanks for the ideas. I change the dash switch not touched the stalk arm, a guy on another forum has the same problem and has changed the same switch and the relay with no joy. I'm just at a lose as to what the cause can be :frustrated:
Just fixed mine by replacing the control knob on the dash, when you put the wiper arm to the down position do the wipers swipe once? it could be the relay above the drivers pedals, you can feel it click when the wipers are activated, think it has a timer in there for the intermittent setting, I believe you can test the control knob/rheostat with a multimeter on the second pair of pins to see if you have variable resistance.
Check the stalk with a multimeter or a test lamp if the intermittent setting is ok on the meter then its probably the relay

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