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C4S interior help please guys


11 Mar 2013
Hi guys im fairly new to the forum so wanted to say hi first of all!

Ive had my c4s for 6 months now and loving every minute of it, however as i didnt want black interior with a black car i searched till i found one with red interior.........the problem is porsche do EVERYTHING red dont they!?

and the carpet is like a foul pink, long story short i changed it for black carpet, here are a few pictures, i think it makes a massive differance,hope you guys agree.

one more thing im trying to get my steering wheel retrimmed and made a little thicker, im struggling to find anywhere that can match the red, any ideas? i think its boxster red?!

thanks in advance for any advice guys


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Haha i just think of when mr bean painted his front room.....a stick of dynamite and a tin of paint :?

It's definitely not a boring interior!

It would look so much better though if the dashboard and steering wheel were black. Could you get the steering wheel retrimmed in black? Then you wouldn't have to worry about the colour match.
Haha who wants boring hey :)

Yea can get the wheel in black but think they just look odd against the red, i must of called/emailed about ten trimmers and no one can get the same red anywhere, shocking really isnt it!?

I had a m3 with red interior, that was just the seats and a panel on the doorcards, the rest was black, i thought that looked as if someone had just put red seats in a standard black car, so dont really wanna swap the dash for a black one.....just gonna break it up with silver bits
I had the 2007 Boxster in Silver /Clay Brick and it had a mix of Black as well as the red and I loved it!

I sat in a C4 in all red recently and thought ouch... Too much

Why not introduce some black on the dash and centre console? Or as yo say, go silver.

The side air vents, key surround, centre items all could be fairly cheap from a breaker and are quite easy to fit. So you could put it back to standard.


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If you need some interior parts try Prestige Salvage in Leeds. :thumb:
My interior is also red, although not as bright as yours. Comparing the two, the main differences are the carpet trims on the lower door, mirror garnish for the wing mirrors and the side vents. It seems to strike a nice balance so its not OTT, also my wheel is red and silver which also breaks it up more.


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Pete i love that wheel......and uve got the hardback seats which i would sell a kidney for,haha. Any idea what colour red yours is? I only thought there was one shade in the 996 :?
The closest I've seen in a dealer and at the factory is "Carrera Red", but on the original paperwork it says "made to sample".
Look at your V5/ Log Book, and get in touch with the first owner of the car as to the colour (or from where inspiration was derived)

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