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C4S CAB spec ?

jay jay

13 Feb 2003
Been asked to spec C4S CAB for October delivery.

Ideas so far got to : Artic silver/Black leather/Blue hood...with PCM2 & integral phone.....alu & lthr h'brake & gearlever.....sports exhaust.......BOSE & CD changer.......

need advice for changes or anything else? - with a view to making it best medium term residual value.

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Black hood I would say. Dark blue only really goes with a dark blue exterior or metropole interior.

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Just come back from picking my new C2 cab up in Germany, saw loads of C4S cabs and more Turbo ones - you'll love it!

My spec is as follows for the best residual (colour optional, but had a silver Boxster S before so decided to have a slight change)

Seal Grey + black roof, black leather, sports seats, PCM2, PSM, phone, Bose, Litronics, Carrera wheels, cruise, CD changer, aluminium dials. I would have had more, but where do you draw the line?

Good luck!


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Close to 70k then? No sports exhaust.....

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£4 over! - no sports exhaust, thought it was a touch Essex!

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Arent I clever. A touch Essex? Sarbs will be after you :wink:

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Yes, he may be but I'll hear him coming from the QE2 bridge and scarper!

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Probably. How is the cab?

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Mogsy.....you recommend the german factory collection then? Must be like being a kid in a world's best toy store.

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Apart from a few minor niggles the car is great :D

The factory visit was great fun and I will post a report shortly. There is no doubt that being surrounded by hundreds of new 996's, Cayenneeenneeenn (whatever!) and Boxsters brings a smile to your face!


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Good.....Ill leave you alone now to write your report.

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Jay Jay,

How the hell did you manage an October delivery? Do you own an OPC or something?

I've been waiting 20 months now for my C4S (a bit extreme, I know, but it's due in three weeks), and enquired about changing it to a cab order a few months back. Was told that I was looking at mid-late 04 !!!


Gary D.

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Hello Gary D......

Put my £1,000 deposit down with a South West OPC back in early Feb '03 - specifically for a C4S CAB and said i'd be happy to take delivery in spring '04. The order was taken on that basis. Then was asked mid-May to increase the deposit to a total of £3,000 to fall in line with Porsche GB's "order-taking policy".....and then thought why not see if i can get their first car ? Good fortune really, then ....they said i could have their first car with a guaranteed Sept build date. Now the car is spec'd i needed to "top-up" the deposit to 10 per cent of total final car value £77,000). Figured it could be a cheap way to run a gorgeous car .....my gamble being to do upto 10,000 miles and sell April/May '04 - hopefully for "list".

It's possible, of course, i may yet "crash & burn"......but i don't think i'll come out of it badly. What do you reckon ???

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Easy with the essex shout Mogsyman, If I drove the car to be seen blah blah blah I'd agree with you but as I cancelled a 360 spider after 13 months waiting as I thought it was a little too much in your face for me after seeing a few on roads, I'd not want that label ever! I like to think of myself as someone who loves driving and if you ask anyone on here who has the sports exhaust they will concur that it adds significantly to the driving experience! And for those days when your are out in town and dont want to gurgle and growl past the world there is a switch to return to standard un-enhanced mode!

And yes I didnt sleep well and yes i'm ratty!

Ps Jay Jay your car will be perfect. If I had my chance again i'd only spec sports exhaust, xenons and alu gear leaver, pcm 2 is fantastic but I only use j-lo on the cat and fiddle pass etc so I know the routes, never use radio so its really not needed.

Did you not think about the gt3 jay jay?

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and Gary........

tell us about your C4S's flavour/colour sceme/options,etc

Don't know what you've been driving until now - but can guarantee you should start getting your "smile muscles" ready 'cos you're gonna need 'em big time when you start driving/owning a C4S. Most other cars don't require such prolonged & extensive use of some of your - possibly until now - dormant smiling gear.

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