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C2S Tip - Good Deal for Someone ?

18 Mar 2011

I watched this auction go through last night with interest.

Up on mileage, bit of a marmite colour, no hardbacks but spit grill included in the sale, decent history on the face of it, £42.5k including the premium.

Makes the other 6 C2S tippers on Autotrader at between £70-80k look a bit toppy ??

I'd love one to go with my 997 and tip is my preference but starting the feel there's a bigger price difference between manual and tip than showing in the adverts ?
I'm sort of pleased I have seen this after it has ended as highly tempting at the price. Wing on eBay and the class 3 front plate mount sorted. Great value. Manual would have been £10k more.
I'm waiting for Jonttt to tell us this car was a 'turd rolled in glitter' for selling at such a cheap price :floor:

The check strap repair looks like Stevie Wonder took the job on :what:

It's not far off where I'd have pitched it (albeit lower) :bandit:
Agree on the marmite colour and Classic Grey with Comfort Seats is probably the least desirable interior combo along with Blue.
Taking into account it needs a few bits tidying, Caliper Refurb and Air-Con not working which could be quite expensive... I'd say it's about right at the sale price for a Tip. You could easily chuck £10k+ at that and still be nowhere near finished if the chassis legs need sorting, suspension needs refreshing etc.

All IMO of course...

When I bought my 993 C4 14 years ago the same dealer (Strasse) had a red 993C2S which had done circa 115k miles on it for the same price which was £28 000.

I sometimes wonder if I should have got the 2S instead seeing how the wide body values have risen (but cannot complain as my C4 has increased too).

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