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C2S 997.2 issues?


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31 Jan 2013
Sorry if this has been answered already. I can't find it mentioned on a recent thread.

Have the engine failure problems of the 997.1 been eradicated on the 997.2?

I only ask as I've just sold my car.

I'm considering a M3 or a c2s 997. My original intention was to buy a c2s 997.1, but I don't think I could take the stress.

I joined the forum a while back as I wanted to find out if there were any issues with the 997 c2s. What I read scared me onto M3 forums. :)

Now I've sold my car I'm reluctant to buy a m3 as I've always wanted a 911.

If the 997.2 is reliable I'm happy to spend a bit more than I originally intended.

Totally different engine
No intermediate shaft
Totally redesigned crankcase

To my knowledge no oval bore wear issues.

I was at my local Opc 4 weeks ago and there was a122,000 miles C2S PDK having a service, one owner supplied and serviced by them no issues with the car , still under extended warranty
I would totally agree with Mark re the removal of the IMS issues but I'm sure I have seen a recent post regarding bore scoring on a Gen2.

If you go the OPC warranty route you will be covered against any issues regardless. You will, however, need to be wary of over-revving the engine which can invalidate your warranty. If you buy a Gen2 PDK this won't be an issue as I believe it's impossible to over-rev an auto.

Depending on your budget you could go the Gen1 Turbo/GT3 route which is a totally different (Mezger) engine which does not have the boggo Gen1 engine issues

Gen2 engine had so far proven itself on the road to be as bulletproof as the Mezger lump. You get the occasional one fail, but no more so than with any other mass-produced engine. Buy with confidence :thumb:
Thanks for the quick replies.

I think a gt would be a little bit too hard for me, and the turbo a bit quick for everyday use.

I would like a pdk as I was really impressed by it when I had a boxster s as a courtesy car.

If the gen2 engine is generally sound, I guess I'll be selling a kidney to stretch to one.

Ron, what do you mean by over revving? The pdk i drove dropped from 7th to 3rd @ 100mph when I floored it. Scared the life out of me. :)

Do you mean selecting the wrong gear at high speed? Or just general redlining whilst driving?
Over-revving is, I believe, caused by fluffing a manual gear change. If you look at a Durametric printout it will show accumulated ignitions (3 ignitions per rev I think). Rev range 1 is equivalent to hitting the limiter, you then have rev bands up to range 6, so hitting range 2, 3 or 4 etc is classed as over-revving.

Have a look here on the Durametric site

You can buy a basic disc & lead to hook up a laptop for about £30

Ignitions accumulated in ranges 3 and above can invalidate an OPC warranty. They will insist on a compression test minimum if this is discovered during a warranty claim for instance. Obviously, as I stated earlier, you wouldn't get into this situation with a PDK, but worth bearing in mind.

You can easy hit 1& 2 by banging into the limiter. Theoretically you should only hit 3+ by mis-shifting down the 'box or by rolling downhill in gear (although the latter is very unlikely, but possible with PDK), but there's a lot of confusion and mechanical chat about it that tbh goes above my head.
Had an E92 M3 and now got a gen2 PDK 997 - close on paper, but streets apart in so many ways and I much prefer the 911, it's everything I hoped it would be.
The M3 is pretty reliable but the engines do go bang in a big way sometimes.
Get one from an OPC and you'll have the warranty to fall back on. PDK is a good reason to go Gen 2, at least it was part of my excuse.

You might see rev ranges 1 & 2 on a PDK, but OPC seem unconcerned.

I had a new engine in one of mine, which was a bit inconvenient and not much fun trying to get them to agree it. But I'd still buy another one the same. Problems with the DFI lump are still quite rare.
Thanks everyone.

After looking at classifieds last night. Seems like I will have to look at getting a non S model, and I can't afford OPC.

Gen 2 prices seem really strong compared to similar cars. I guess it's because alot of gen1 owners are looking to change over to gen2 cars?
The 3.6 non S doesn't sell
The 3.8 Carrera S is the one to have

I have 3 lovely examples , more than in the Opc's network ( for sub 20,000 mile cars)
All OPC serviced and inspected and with a reliable warranty or my contribution to an Opc's warranty after 90 days
mark pearce said:
The 3.6 non S doesn't sell
The 3.8 Carrera S is the one to have

I have 3 lovely examples , more than in the Opc's network ( for sub 20,000 mile cars)
All OPC serviced and inspected and with a reliable warranty or my contribution to an Opc's warranty after 90 days

All 3 are stunning, but unfortunately out of my price range.
I especially like the black one.
Don't forget we have Jamie from Performance car finance , a site sponsor who can always give you an industry leading finance quote which might make the difference affordable.
Plus don't forget that if you buy a car from me it will be perfect with no expense in the foreseeable future
My budget is below £40k.

I was originally planning on spending around £30k.

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