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Buying US spec 996?

Ian Dennis

2 Sep 2006
I've just moved from the UK and I'm looking to buy a 996 in the Bay Area of California. Prices over here seem to be quite a bit cheaper than back home so I was wondering what the differences might be between the US & European models. Also I have my eye on the following car
and would welcome any suggestions about what I should ask the seller and what to look out for when I view it this afternoon. Many thanks.

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Hi Ian, welcome to our asylum. Nice looking car and nice price. Three main issues I guess you'll need to ask about are whether any warranty is left, service history and the infamous RMS (rear main seal) issue. Do a search on this on Rennlist, or here or any other Porsche forum you can find for more information than you'll want to know.

Sorry, can't help you on the spec differences though.

Good luck

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Hi Ian, my car here was originally destined for USA but was retained as a directors company car at Porsche AG. There doesnt seem to be any difference between that and the European versions (apart from the horrible bumperettes which I've had surgically removed!!). I suspect, like all products, 1USD equals 1GBP everywhere apart from the FX markets so I'm not surprised at the price. Look at the build 'your own' for a 997 C4S on the porsche US site ($88,400) and UK site (£71,980) suggests a Cable exchange rate of 1.2281. Its been a few years since the exchange rate was that low, so I would'nt worry about the low price masking something odd. If there's a bay area version of a PPI from a good 'indi' then definitely do it. The ad bangs on about 'Rare Turbo stuff??' It looks to me to be a standard Carrera 2 with GT3 body kit (front/side/rear body add ons) but with some other nice stuff and a (biased) cracking colour :D

Hope the car turns out to be a gem and welcome to the fold!!

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Thanks for the warm welcome and advice folks. I've got a lot to learn I know :oops:
I'm coming from a quite different car to the 911 (a VX220 and member of vx220.org.uk see pic of the now sadly sold car) and after 4 years owning that I'm going from knowing loads about a car to knowing next to nothing. Anyway I didn't get to see the car yesterday and I guess my main reservations are around my utter lack of knowing what to do when buying privately in the US and not being stiched up.

Does anyone know what paper work goes with US cars and how the transaction should work? I'm going to try to ask around here but if anyone knows that would be useful.

Again thanks for your advice and I'll let you know how I get on 8)


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Ian, so then with your vx220 you know my good friend John Thorney :wink:

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Why of course :D
"Mr VX" himself. Yeah I guess I know him quite well over the years and he did my last service. Say hi next time you see him :wink:

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Hi Ian,

Have to be cautious as I was taught!! It does look like a C2 with a GT3 body kit as already stated. When I was sourcing my 911 saw many a C2 with GT3 body kits as that was my defined budget range, (before I lost my brain and spent more on my C4S :) ), and I had such an experience involving a very dodgy private seller who was claiming a 996TT with a Ruf body kit. It was in fact a C2.

Get the full factory spec form the owner and receipts of all work carried out.


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I took a look at the car today and I was over-whelmed. The car has no service history except the modifications the current owner has purchased (all mods). The car is just due it's 60K service and although very clean (as Californian cars should be) it was showing signs of wear in the interior.

I'm still torn between heart and head. Heart says 2nd hand 911 and head says new 350Z or Mustang GT. I have a pretty long commute (80 freeway miles daily) so I think that might be asking for trouble on an older car.

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Ian - nothing wrong with your heart's choice as a 2nd hand 911 will be uber-reliable for that sort of work. So long as its a good, honest, well cared for car. From what you've described above, it may look good (because all 911's do IMHO) I'd walk like Benny Hill away from it. With no history, one should be dubious, unless you can get someone who knows their onions, to check the car over for you. Are there not any Porsche 'Indies' in the bay area, where you could get someone to check a car over for you?.

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Speed Freak on 05 September 2006

no history walk away,
My thoughts exactly...

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