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Buying tips for a 977 model 911 C2S


New member
17 Apr 2013
Firstly i would like to say hi to everyone on this forum.

I am looking at purchasing a low mileage 2005 and onwards 997 model 911 carrera 2S and would be grateful if any members have any advice on what to look for, ideal specification, common areas that might cause concern etc...

I have viewed two so far and both looked like they needed a good detail; i'm a bit fussy when it comes to cars. I'm not scared of buying one that needs attention so long as it's not going to be too expensive.

Thanks in advance.
Hi and welcome,

This has been covered a few times (including today), use the search function and go through as many threads as possible. When you are done most of your questions will be answered.

What is your maximum budget? Are you after a daily runner or weekend toy?
Most people will tell you to go for one an OPC warranty for peace of mind. PSE is very popular too.

Hi welcome to the forum. As AP suggests you ought to outline your preferences with more criteria. All we have is that you would like a 997 C2S, model year 2005 - 2011, low mileage (is that up to 40k would you say?). Have you tried the AutoTrader website? Very good at defining what you want and you can tailor the search exactly to your preferences. You should also point out what options you like as no two 997s are exactly similar.

Once we know all this info, then you have to post up some links to the cars that you like so we can comment. If you can do this minimal of legwork for us, we can do the rest, in terms of commenting and pointing out pitfalls etc, for you.

Happy hunting.

~ Maxie :thumbs:
Thanks for the replies.

Less than 50k miles. Full main dealer history. Would like PSE, cruise, bose and anything else would be a bonus.

I will have a look through the other threads. I confess i was being lazy.
30k will get you a decent Gen1 car.
Try get one with an OPC warranty and enjoy. PSE and most other extras can be retrofitted.

Like Maxie said, show us some examples of what you are interested in and the good people here will be very willing to help guide you towards the better examples or steer you away from potential lemons.

Enjoy the search :thumb:

PORSCHE 911 (997) CARRERA 2S 2006 (2006) £27,000

viewed this but it needs rear tyres and is over due the6yr service with belt. Bonet needs attention in my opinion also. Otherwise a great car. It's only done less than 1500 miles in two years!
Hi, nice looking car like the wheels and the stone grey interior,not my ideal blue but its got lots of guddies gud luck :thumb:
What's your budget? That will help steer you towards OPC, specialist or private sale.

Be prepared to compromise and be flexible on specification otherwise you could be waiting forever. Most optional extras can be retrofitted BUT sometimes its not cost effective to do so.

Ensure you have a PPI or 111 point check whoever you buy from to ensure you're not lumbered with any costs within your first 6-12 months of ownership.
A friend mentioned the PPI. They're not cheap at £350 but i guess they pay for themselves if its a wrong un.
pparry said:

viewed this but it needs rear tyres and is over due the6yr service with belt. Bonet needs attention in my opinion also. Otherwise a great car. It's only done less than 1500 miles in two years!

This is a very well specced C2S in seemingly good condition. The (visible) optional extras over and above the standard spec include:

- 19" Carrera Classic wheels
- Multi-function steering wheel
- Sports Chrono
- Cruise control
- Heated seats
- Sports seats
- Sat nav
- CF rear centre console
- CF handbrake & gear-knob
- Rear wiper
- plus anything else that the advert states (though I don't always trust them)

Perhaps the only thing (surprisingly) lacking is the PSE after the original owner had ticked so many of the other boxes.

For the vintage, this is a low mileage C2S in a very nice colour with a heap of options at an attractive price. I can't see this one hanging around for long. If the service can be done asap, then you have a car that will keep you going for the next few years.


~ Maxie :)
Depends, if there is nothing wrong with the car then it's seen as an expensive choice but if it finds faults/issues totaling up to >£5k (sometimes more) then it can be seen to be relatively cheap.

It's also useful as well as the report can be used to negotiate on price if problems are found. Apollokried (who posted on this thread) is a good example of a buyer who did his research and carried out a thorough check of his car before purchase, had he not done this it could have left him out out of pocket long term but instead managed the risk through skilled negotiation on price.

Good Luck

Love Cobalt, stunning colour on a 997, worked on one today that has been upgraded to Gen 2 styling.

Rare to see Carerra Classic wheels on a 2S too. Really look great.

You won't find a minter low mileage privately that doesn't need for anything unless either its big money or you go to a dealer, like Stirlings, who will get the car sorted and up to scratch. Minters are more likely to have been traded in for newer. Some cars are getting really strong offers from dealers too.

To me, you are after a dealer car IMO. It will probably save you looking and being disappointed with car after car as you find this or that wrong. Sub 50k cars 2S Gen 1 are getting fewer and far between, not so much 4S's.
Hi Paz

The cobalt blue car looks sweet mate. As others have said you may struggle to find a perfect car without paying a dealer premium.

Get a PPI and use it to negotiate with, if you you think that ones for you.

Good luck


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