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Buying a 996


New member
14 Oct 2004
i am looking for a 996 and have found one at a dealer that is black with blk leather and GT3 Aero kit. It is a 2001 Y , farily well spec'd (anything is compared to my Elise); air con, psm, 18" tubo cup wheels, sound pack, lit headlights and a few other things. and has 44k miles on the clock. It has already has it 48k service done and has had 2 previous owners. Its on at £43k

I am a bit concerned about the milage though and have been looking round at all the dealers for a comparison but you can never quite find a match.

would anybody happen to know if this would be a good deal or is it worth hangin on to see what happens to the 996 prices with the 997 getting out there?


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right then I better get in there first and say..

buy a 993 !

welcome to 911 land

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Don't listen, my dad used to have a 993 and much prefers his 996 :p

£43k is a good price for a Y reg with an aerokit. 44k miles is nothing.

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He's your dad Noony, doesn't that tell you something?

Wissy, there are threads all over this site about buying Porsches. There is a lot to absorb, including Sundeep's biased. 996 is a different car to the 993 and all it's previous brethren. That doesn't mean its the wrong car for you, just that some thought about what you are buying into is time well spent. If you've got £45K to spend, there are a lot of cars out there including the 993 turbo, which isn't pretending to be something else. But if comfort and fast day to day transport is what's top of the list, I'd be surprised if anyone said a 993 could match a 996 (duck now!).

Buy 911 World and join PCGB. Top Marque will have loads of adds and this site will as well. Guys on this site are always pulling details down from ebay. A weeks homework will make sure you buy the right car for you. Porsche 911 Red Book will give you all the variant car specifications and GTPorsche magazine carries all the performance details.

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He was in his late 30s when he got the 993, so he wasn't that old, if that's what you are saying?

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Okay I'm older than your dad :oops:

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Congrats on becoming a gold member. Whereabouts in Surrey do you live?

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October 911 & Porsche World has a comprehensive write up on the 996, in its buyer guide. Well worth a read if you are considering investinig you own hard earned.

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Good luck purchasing a 996. I have been through 2 x 964's (C2 and C4) and a 993 C2 but for comfortable 911 motoring - get a 996 no matter what the young boys say!!!!!!

Rgds. 'old git'

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Make sure you try both. Within reason, wouldn't be too worried about mileage; in particular with 993 (but then I'm biased!).

Personally, I would expect 996 prices to continue to drop, as more 996's are traded in for 997's; early 996's can often be found for less than late 993's.

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You seem to be suggesting that the 996 is in fact some kind of Jaguar suitable for Dads only! :eek:

996 before my 31st birthday thank you! 8)

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Why do you think they made the rear seats bigger :wink:

only joking

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Being one of the few 996 owners on this site I am not going to suggest you buy a 993 ! What I would suggest is you try both cars and then consider your circumstances. Are you going to use the car evey day, including for work (Like I do). In which case the 996 is more comfortable, economical (A bad thing to say, but petrol £ are not going down). I know this sounds dull but I had to go through this process before buying my 996. I do 15k plus a year and had to have a car that was relativly new and reliable blah blah.

I looked at a few 996 with Aero kits, but then checked my Insurance which went off the scale because of the kit, so bear that in mind.

I bought a 996 C4 (2000) W with 30k, 18 sport wheels, 1 previous owner, lit, sound pack etc for £39k (Private) back in March if that is any help.

Have a look around on Auto Trader etc & independant delers listed on this web site for a price guide. I would say £43k is a little high so haggle !

I expect that I will now get a kicking from the 993 squad :wink:

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Wissy T,

I have to agree with TLG wrt doing miles in a 996. I have owned 2 964's and a 993. I recently switched from a 993 to a 996 for practical reasons and she is wonderful. Maybe the 'raw edge' is no longer there but with my sports exhaust, the experience is very much like my old car.

£43K is on the high side - check out Autobahn, they have a nice number of, high quality cars in stock fo rless than that.

Before I get shouted at - the 993 is the most lovely car in the world but starting to show it's age now.........


ex 964 C4 '89

ex 964 C2 tip LHD '92

ex 993 C2 LHD '94

now - 996 C4 tip '99

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