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Buying 997 or 996 turbo


22 Apr 2013
Hi all I have posted this here as it covers two models 996 and 997.
I have been looking at getting either a 997 2s or 4s cab around a 2006 which will cost me between £25,000 to £32,000 I then got talking to a local independent repair center who told me all about the bad bits and that a turbo was a different engine and far more reliable, I have had a look around and there is no way I can raise the cash for a 997 turbo but I have found a 2004 996 3.6 45000 miles for £26000 its not really got the looks that I want and the inside is just like my old BoxsterS so again im just not sure. Help is a turbo a better car, am I better with a 997 and will I be able to put up with the looks?

Thanks in advance.
The engine in the 996 Turbo is far superior to the ones in the 997 Carreras. It's a completely different design altogether and the engine from the 996 Turbo was largely carried through to the 997 Turbo. Whilst the Carrera 997 is arguable prettier looking and has a nicer dashboard & centre console area, its achilles heal is the M96 & M97 engine issues. Do a search on the forum for these. For me though, the 997's looks and functionality (some might say rather foolishly) won the day and is car I have had for the last 3 years.

~ Maxie
What do you want from your 911 :?: .

Beyond the obvious 996 v 997 thing a Carrera and a Turbo are two totally different cars to own and drive.

For 95% of my 911 driving requirements a Carrera is all the 911 that I would need but for under £32k a 996T is the only 911 I'd actually buy. That doesn't mean that I think it's a better car but it's the better bet for me having experienced M96 paranoia before.

In the real world of daily driving in the UK a 996T is OTT and the cost of fuel and servicing means it is expensive to run BUT the :grin: 's that the performance gives and the legendary reliability of the engine make it a fantastic choice if you're able to use it just enough to have fun.

I may be wrong but I also think that a 996T is likely to depreciate less than a 997'S' as it's already fallen a lot further.

If you list your reasons for wanting 911 it may be easier to advise you. It's obviously not just a Porsche badge you're after as your Boxster will have already given you that.
996T or 997

I wanted a 911 when I had the BoxsterS and have done since most as a small boy but as with most it was all down to cost. It wont get used for what it was designed my run to work is all in town with a few good bits but its at either a 6.00am start or finish so a bit of fun can be had. I love the looks of a 997 the front end is as it should be and the dash looks so much better plus the 996 just looks like the Boxster's dash but at the same time I hate paying bills we all have to do it but I hate it.
I like the kick from a turbo and the last 3 cars have all been turbo cabs, I drive a Smart roadster Brabus now which I have kept a lot longer then I thought I would as it is so much fun the only way to describe it is a Turbo roller skate that costs nothing to run its more fun then the boxster was. As it stands I work and earn Ok money but at 46 my health is starting to gown down hill (cancer last year and arm joint problems) so im not sure how much longer I will be in the position to do the car change I want an Aston and some of the roadsters are comming in at £40000 now for an 06 so if I were to push the budget to that which is realy out of my reach with out a loan I would get the Aston. Im a bit strange its not a badge thing I just buy what I want at the time I went from my £20000 boxsterS to a £1000 Mk1 MX5 then added a supercharger because I had seen some on youtube and wanted one, I may well keep the Smart for when I want to change back as its one of the last ones at 56 plate and they starting to go back upin price.
I just dont know what to do? Thanks
For your type of journeys, especially as you also prefer the looks, the 997 would probably be a better bet. around town you'd get none of the performance pleasure of the 996T but still get the downside i.e sub 20 mpg.

Do you really want an 'S'? You could get a newer 3.6 for the same money. That said, the trade seem to be wary of stocking the 3.6 so an 'S' might be safer if you're looking to buy from and then sell to a dealer.

Good luck with your health issues. :thumb:

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