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Buying 993 C4

Neil Robbie

New member
21 Jun 2003
Hi all,

I'm new to all this Porsche mullarky, so bear with me. I was looking to buy a Boxster, but yesterday passed a quality (non Porsche) main dealer in the Midlands that had a 993 on it's forecourt.

Being curious I pulled in and found out that it was an N reg 1996 C4, with fsh, polar silver, a/c, 46,000 miles and it was up for £29,999. I'm going back for a test drive, but could do with some buying advice:

What to look out for? Questions to ask? etc. Details of someone in the Midlands that could carry out an independent inspection?

I do need the car as a daily driver, covering motorways, in town and in the country. I guess feedback from a 911 site (which is great by the way) would tend towards buying a 911 rather than my original plan for a Boxster, but I would be interested in your thoughts.



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Do it - a Boxster is a damn good car but these are better.

The 993 is excellent as a daily car, just note the limited baggage space because of the front diff, so if space is important check out the C2 as well. Maybe you should also look around and drive a couple before getting out your cheque book, there are plenty of options.

Definitely get an independant porsche specialist to look it over.

Suggest you search these forums - there must be dozens of threads like this one and it has all been said before.


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The guy i brought my 911 off here in Brum does vehicle inspections, unfortunately i don't have his details with me at work. He does advertise in the back of 911 and Porsche world, otherwise i've got his details at home, will post them on here as soon as i find them.


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Thanks Waz, I look forward to receiving the details.

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£30k for a 46000 miles C4 is a good deal!

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Yeah, that's what I thought, especially as it's from a quality manufacturer dealership who say they have had the car checked out by an OPC.

I know people have said a cheap Porsche must have something wrong with it and £30k is £30k, but it looks good value.

Was a/c standard on the '96 cars? Other spec details include sun roof and Metropole blue interior (not sure if it's full leather).

What sort of offer should I make if I want to buy the car?

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Offer whatever you want(maybe £28k?), but anything under £30k is a bonus really.

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whats with the Fezza signature?

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Sorry for the delay, for vehicle inspections try this guy:

John at Performance Autocheck on 0121 778 6082 or 07973 368122

He knows his stuff


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Boxters are great. Really nice cars made mostly by our friends in Finland so I'm told. 993's made in Germany - the real deal. Everyone on this site is probably gonna tell you the same though. Boxter's got nothing on a 911. I drive mine to work and back every day plus many motorway journeys every month and it's great. not a practical 4 seater, not much space for luggage, but smiles all the way.

Good Luck.

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Some Boxters are made in Germay but most are made in Finland alongside with SAAB as far as I can remmember reading it once.

I use my 993 as my daily driver, not garaged, commutting 120miles most days for the past 3 yrs, rain and shine. No major problem, just paying through my nose for tyres. If serviced regularly as you should then these cars are ultra reliable and durable. Mine has done over 80k now and it still looks and feels like new! (I think it's just about run-in!!) There aren't that many 10yr old cars out there that looks anywhere near as good/new!!

As I said, they eat tyres, esp the rear ones. Average 20~25 mpg, non-dealer service average @£250/£500 every 12000 miles. Most importantly the drive is unmatched by anything this side of £80k, not even the Boxter! Take into account of the practcality, usability, reliability, economy, and driving pleasure/performance, gorgeous looks (even Porsche is trying to make the 997 look more like a 993!), last and best air cooled etc., with prestige as bonus, you just can't find anything close! Go get it, you won't regret it!!

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Thanks for the info guys. The C4 I was looking at has now gone. No matter it was the first one I had seen and I wanted to drive a couple a more before taking the plunge. I'm not in a hurry and would rather wait for the right car to come up.

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