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Button - 2014?


23 Jan 2008

A lot has been said about the guys in the top 5 teams moving around in the F1 top table musical chairs but I am not so sure.

There are 3 dark horses(aka new F1 top team blood) who I believe will be near the top of the top team managers list and I would not be surprised of all three got much better berths in 2014 and pushed out some of the established names...........

Jules Bianchi
Nico Hulkenberg
Paul Di Resta
It sounds like Jenson is worried.
Porsche News said:
Senoj said:
Porsche News said:
PeterS said:
It sounds like Jenson is worried.

and he has good reason to

Sounds like an open application for the Ferrari seat!

he would make a very good team mate to Alonso :?:

Button's personality/maturity would suit partnering any of the top F1 drivers.

A Vettel/Button partnership at Red Bull would be ideal.
I like Button but when a car is not working well, he(like Coulthard did) tends to fall off the performance curve due to their driving styles vs someone like Alonso who can wring the neck out of a sometimes poorly set up fezza.

The mcLaren is not going well but that RBR looks so stable and smooth that I think buttons driving style and race craft would actually allow him to better vettel's times/race wins.

Yes I can see him as a possible RBR driver in 2014 as we know that newey is also a JB fan.
Don't forget Horner. He's gushed over JB than any other Team Principal.

Agree about the RBR car and Jensons driving style but to be honest any driver would be able to drive the RBR, what they need is a second driver who can play the team game which Button can.
I hadn't thought of this scenario, but agree that it could be a good move for either Red Bull or Ferrari. A solid driver, the sponsors would love him, and he'd be good for race wins and constructors points. Everyone has been looking at the other potentials, but not this one. Good call.

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