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Bugatti Veyron Vs Superbike

Evil Jack

Well-known member
24 May 2005

The Yamaha R1 is a very, very fast bike, but the Veyron utterly destroys it. It's not until you actually see the Veyron doing things like this, that the numbers actually mean anything.
Oh and a Carrera GT joins in at the end, too :)

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A lot of bikers fancy themselves so much - present company excluded - it would be great to be able to blow them away like that.

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Now that is acceleration... its the way the Veyron accelerated even from m-way speeds that was incredible.

Nonetheless, it remains the fact that it requires a seriously expensive car to outdrag a £12k bike :roll:

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No surprise that fast bikes are quicker than fast cars up to a point. But that Veyron was unreal. Has to be said though, that from a standing start, the Yamaha would probably still beat it to 100. From 100 onwards - well you saw what happened.

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0 - 60 mph 2.8 seconds
0 - 100 mph 5.9 seconds
0 - Quarter Mile 10.31 @ 137.28 mph

0 to 60mph: 2.5s (2.9s)
0 to 100mph: 5.5s (6.0s)
0 - Quarter Mile 10.2 @ 142.9mph (10.8s @ 140mph)

(the figures in brackets are the manufacturers)

As you can see the figures are not too wide of the mark. Do you think the R1 rider might have been holding back?

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Evil Jack on 09 February 2007
Well... here's a longer version which shows the CGT pulling ahead as the bike hits its 186mph(!) limiter:

....and for a scary 'incident',CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:


I'd like to see the longer version of the last one, where the rider got off his bike, his legs collapsed and he threw up. Moments later he could be seen 'emptying' his leather trousers and applying Just for Men on his newly greying hair.

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Holy crap - and that's why I won't get on a bike!

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