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Peter Topping

Well-known member
27 Jan 2003
If you chaps out there want to meet in the near future to show off your toys. Why not arrange a meet at BROOKLANDS Weybridge on the 15-02-03 where there is an event taking place - the Surrey PCGB Region are displaying their Porshes, this maybe not everyones cup of tea but at least we could put faces to email addresses!

I'll be going for a nose around anyway and bringing not one but two modified Porsches with me, a 993 and a 996.


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Good idea Peter - I forgot that this was also an event for PCGB. Just to let eveyone know, it's the Motorsport weekend and is always a really good event. I'll be there doing the Sporting Bears charity rides in my Exige (hopefully) if anyone fancies a blast up and down the runway for about £15 a go, plus lots of other gorgeous machinery to gawp at :D
. Can't wait!


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I am planning to go down to Brooklands on 15th.

Good idea to meet up at the event.

Anyone else going????

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Will try to get there myself. Are there any details/times etc???

Do we wear something noticeable to recognise each other??? Bobble hats of the same colour worked really well on my primary school journeys to france I recall :)

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I'm up for this - details / times appreciated! :D

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All the info is here guys:



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I'll be there.

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Should we organise our own little mini-meet there? :wink:

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I'll be around for most of the day as I'll be doing the Sporting Bears thing, so can't really commit to a specific time, however, I'll be the only person there with a bright orange exige (as far as I know!). I really hope the weather holds!

Mark - yes, bobble hats - go ahead - at least EVERYONE will know who you are :D

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Ok, I've got time off for good behaviour from HID to be there during the morning. From the look of the web site, it opens at 10.00 am so I'll get there for kick-off. Cant find my old bobble hat though, so where will be the best place to meet up?. I've never been before. Do we converge on the bright orange exige?

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Mark, it's not a particularly big place and they usually put all the Porsches together in one area, as you drive in the entrance (if you're in a 911) they'll probably divert you to the show area. This would seem an appropriate place to congragate.

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Anymore takers?

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Sorry guys, I won't be able to make this tomorrow!! I've got a new kitchen going in at the moment and the guys have managed to damage some of the granite :(
The new bit is been delivered 'sometime' tomorrow, so I need to stay home!

Have a great day!

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I will be there with my 4 yr old son - he will have the bobble hat on.

Look out for a light green metallic 3.2 Carrera Targa.

Should get there about 11:00am

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Phil, good to meet you briefly on Saturday.

Hope you raised lots of cash thru rides in your Lotus.

Pretty good event, shame it was so cold and that the marshals insisted I parked in the muddiest field I've been in for a long time!!!


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