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Broken Plastic - Bonnet/Rear Lid Opener


New member
28 Nov 2021
Hi all,

I just noticed the frunk opener plastic broke. Everything still works, it's just the plastic really. Looks like the whole part number is 99161310501A05. Any idea if the frunk opener is available just by itself (without the rest)? If not would try to glue the plastic - any recommendations for glue products?



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Highly unlikely Porsche will just sell that bit. Superglue's your best bet, but probably fiddly without disassembly.
For replacement purposes it's a one piece unit and costs about £80.

If your car is under OPC warranty Porsche will replace it for free.

It's just the switches you get not the entire panel , it's a pretty easy job to replace and common to see them broken on 997 , 987 ... i've lost count the number of these i've replaced .. bit sad to see its still going on with the 991 though .

You won't really be able to effectively repair these and due to the cost a replacement is better .
Glad to hear it would be covered by Porsche warranty. This was one thing Ashgood made a special mention of when I bought my 991; 'people think it's a lever rather than a switch....'
Is the window switch also covered under the OPC warranty ? As when I was in for MOT a few months back they wanted to charge me for it. My frunk switch has also broken now so maybe worth a call and have them both replaced under warranty.
By coincidence, mine broke today.

Have never used it as anything else other than a switch, so always minimal load applied. Seems to be a poor design of moulding in that the underside design lacks sufficient stiffness/reinforcement, so over time, it simply fatigues and falls apart.

Hopefully will be replaced under warranty.

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