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Bring my 1997 C4S from USA to UK?


New member
27 Feb 2004
I have a potential move lined up from the US to UK and am thinking about bringing my 1997 C4S with 35k miles with me. Got some questions though:

1. For those that have done it, is the tax, registration, etc. process vaible from a cost persepctive?

2. Will a LHD make a practical everyday drive?

3. Will my $50k USD value become de-valued, as now a LHD car in UK

Just discovered the forum. Would like to get input.

Thanks, Nick :)


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Welcome to this site, you'll find that this is on of the better uk sites and is quite active.

I can't help you with the first question but I might be able to provide some info re question 2&3.

I have a LHD 993 myself and the only time I have problem is going in a multistory car park where you have to collect the ticket on your way in. Not a problem when you have wife/passenger with you. Other times it's just minor inconveniences.

A LHD 993 is about 10% or so cheaper than a RHD one of the same spec. Not sure about the value of 4s here but it'll be more than $50,000.

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Your 50k dollars is worth about 27000 uk pounds, a right hand drive 1996 C4S would cost about 35-37k uk pounds, it would be worth further checking in "911 and Porsche World" magazine to see if a lhd is worth more than the straight 50000dollars/27000 pounds in the UK. Also try this sites sales of cars section - and
for price comparisons.

The current exchange rate has had me thinking that 911 imports from the USA could be a profitable business to be in.

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I guess you also have to take into account the different ride heights and engine tune, I know that US cars have higher ride height than ROW, not sure about engine tune.

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From Porsche UK web site

"The Carrera 4S Cabriolet comes with an extensive range of standard equipment. This includes metallic paint, full leather interior, hardtop and wind deflector. The car will be on sale in Germany at a cost of 99,792 euros (including VAT). The standard euro base price (excluding VAT and country-specific requirements) is 85,900 euros. In the United States, the 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet will be available at a price of 93,200 dollars. The European market launch is scheduled for October 2003."

93000 dollars at the current exchange rate (1.86 dollars to the pound) is 51666 pounds - so its £18000 cheaper than the price in Germany and UK!

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I've imported 2 DeLoreans in to the UK over the past 6 years. Shipping is cheap if arranged US side but duty/taxes aren't. The DeLorean is British so I only paid 5% duty... but otherwise it would have been 17.5%.

SVA was irrelavant due to her age but that is a consideration too.

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Sorry been out of the country too long. What is SVA?

Also, what price is the 17.5% VAT triggered off? This could be the deal-breaker.

Is there duty as well?


Thanks, Nick

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