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Brakes seized


14 May 2003
Hi All,

Went to take my 993 Turbo out yesterday so my wife could give it a run (I'm not allowed right now...) and couldn't move it out the garage. It's been sitting there for a month, and the brakes are seized. Yes, I had left the handbrake on, but it had been put away after a long run, so the brakes should have been warm and dry.

Any tips on how to free the brakes? I tried reverse and 1st, but didn't want to try to hard in case I shot out the garage, or jumped forward into my other car. There is space to get in and remove the wheels - I assume the handbrake acts on the rears?


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It will 'just' be the pads 'sticking to the disks' as opposed to any more serious type of seizure. Happens a lot with cars not used everyday... particularly in our damp weather. Best course of action, is a bit of 'jolting' Try 1st and reverse again... preferably whichever would propel you out of the (open) garage door. Alternatively a gentle tow with another vehicle. Swift release of clutch has normally worked for me... but as you say.. space for mistakes is a wise idea if possible.

Certainly easier than any wheel-off hammering and levering in my experience.


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Tried revving up to about 3k, but was just getting bogged down, and stalled on one occasion.

I know it's just the pads, but I guess it'll need to be wheels off and hammering.


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These last few weeks (in over a year of ownership), my 993 has done this twice. While I have a wide garage, it ain't long, so my only option is to go backwards. It felt aweful. Rather than slip the clutch, you have to be slightly brutal and almost drop it with minimal revs (ie not 5,000 but more like 2,500). It will jolt but then clear. I now put mine in reverse (so I don't forget and start the car and shoot forward and cry) and leave the handbrake off.

Good luck - it will sort itself out, but you just need thos slightly larger balls to make it happen (I nearly said 'pull it off' but that would have been painful!).

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Andy's description is correct... you just need to grit your teeth, and give it a good jolt.

What I meant by saying "it's just the pads" is that it's more of a sticking problem, than a proper metal to metal seizure, which can certainly need much more severe treatment than a bit of jolting, and is not really what happens when the pads are stuck to the disks as in this case.

Hope you've sorted it anyway.


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Is this a common problem with the 993? My 3.2 has stayed in the garage for up to two weeks at a time and I never have a problem

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Certainly happens on mine if its left in the garage for more than a day or two - even when I leave it in gear with the handbrake off...

The only way I can avoid it is by judging my approach speed so precisely that I coast to a halt in the perfect spot - without needing to touch the brakes - and then leave it in gear & switch the engine off. Needless to say, this doesn't happen very often! :wink:

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I've had this problem but laying a strip of wood across the garage so the rear wheels hit it stops the car at exactly the right spot, as long as you're coasting very slowly.

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