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Brake pedal too high and too stiff


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30 Dec 2012
A car I'm seriously considering buying has one annoying feature: the brake pedal seems unusually high and firm. (By high, I mean close to the driver, so that I have to lift my knee higher to brake.) So when I tried to heel and toe, I found it very hard to depress the throttle much at all, and my toe bumps into something under the steering column.

This could be a deal-killer - one of the reasons I decided to get a Porsche is that the pedal setup and driving position are usually excellent. But I don't see why there should be any permanent differences like this between two 996s. Seems to me they should all have exactly the same pedal position and feel just like should all have the same distance between the wheels - and if they don't, it must mean that something is wrong and, hopefully, can be fixed.

Anyone know what could cause the high position and the stiffness?

(Regarding the high position, there is apparently an adjustment mechanism (see http://www.renntech.org/forums/topic...nt/#entry42701). But I figure Porsche made it possible to adjust the pedal to correct for when something else goes wrong, and I'd like to know what else could go wrong and cause this.

(P.S. I'm guessing the thing my toe is hitting is the air vent for the feet - it's a big soft black tube with an flat oval cross section and some big holes (for air to exit, I guess). Seems to be rubber. Maybe my toe hits this thing because it's too low, but I'm guessing that if the brake pedal were lower, my toe would miss this thing because my toe would be further down in the footwell.)

P.S.S. This is apparently not unique. A friend had the same problem on his 997.2 GT3. Never figured it out - but then he doesn't use this forum ...

I need to figure this out soon, so help would be greatly appreciated!!!
Porsche pedals are generally excellent for heel and toe. Have to wonder if the car you've tried simply needs its system bled, or a change of fluid, or both. Worth sitting in it with the engine running and pump the pedal a few times to see if the travel changes.

Thanks! I'll try/check these things. These and any other suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Hi mate I had the same sort of thing few years back,

I bought a 996 few years back for £1000 cheaper than asking (he was already the cheapest asking in the UK!)

This was because the clutch pedal was hard and i said it prob need new clutch .

any way long story short....
-went to Rsj (slough) who had a quick 5 min look at it and quoted me £800 parts and labour to fix
-Went to northway (reading) who said lets replace the assister sprint behind the pedal first total cost £60 + 30 mins labour.

The spring sorted the issue out! :)

I drove the car 7-8 months and sold it for a tiny profit. the buyer I spoke to last month has had no issue with the car.

If you like the car explain that hard pedal means something is about to 'go' , lower the price, buy it and hope its an easy fix like the above.
I've heard that the clutch pedal has assister springs, and that if one falls off or weakens that can cause the clutch pedal to be too high.

But does the brake pedal also have springs like that???

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