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Boxster Performance upgrades

Sel Soyer

New member
11 Oct 2004
Hi I got a 2.5 Boxster and am thinking it would be nice to get some extra Va va voom! Okay so I have heard that if you want to increase power on a Boxster forget tinkering with the 2.5 or 2.7 engine and go for a 911 transplant instead. Well that’s all well and good but I doubt you will get much change from say £10k (guessing here, could be much more) and it’s a pretty drastic upgrade. But I was having a look at a US site and stumbled across a Supercharger kit for the Boxster which claims to be able to add around 60BHP!! Now that’s some serious extra power, 25% over standard outputs and costs around £5k plus fitting (see link below).

On my car I have changed the rear exhaust box for a S/S Dansk twin output model and added a K&N Air filter which I would hope is good for 10BHP, but I also hear that changing the Manifolds for a free flowing set is good for some noticeable power gains, but who knows? Anyone know some facts and figures on getting the Boxster faster without going for the transplant route?

Web link

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Yeah actually these are valid but having done so much to my Boxster I feel a little attached to it. Plus it has such low miles, a new rear screen (now), 18" GT3 alloys, 2003 clear lights, etc etc that I wouldn't mind hanging on to it for now :) Does anyone want to help a poor 2.5cc owner out here. :D

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I say supercharge it. Be different. Or got to BBR or Tubo Technics for a Turbo ?

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By the way, thats a very small engine in your car - 2.5 cc :eek:

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Yeah did I forget to say it's Matchbox size. One of a kind :wink:
Okay so its a 2.5ltr then for those of use that are actually paying attention. Some times my fingers type quicker that my brain can think it, buts thats a whole other problem.

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The money you'd spend superchargeing it you find hard to get back, and would put most people off buying it,

Better off spending the money on changing to a Boxster S,

you ca allways take off the Gt3 alloysand lenses before you sell /part exchange

I'd never buy a supercharged car, a 2.5 engines too small

Mark Pearce


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thanks to all that have contibuted to my questions here. I have decided that for the money difference its not worth spending money on any serious mods on my 2.5ltr Boxster. I will stick with it for the minute and when I need the extra poke for a couple of grand more I will get a Boxster S. Glad thats cleared up now. Many thanks Sel :)

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