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Bodywork worry

Dave Barker

New member
19 Oct 2006
Hi all

Have owned my 1991 C2 for 6 months now and loved every second of it.The car runs superbly and the bodywork appears to be excellent for a car of this age with only a few marks on the paintwork. Today I was on my hands and knees looking up into the rear nearside wheel arch towards the rear wheel, and to my horror found a considerable amount of rust and a small hole in what appears to be part of the underside bodywork which starts under what seems to be a rubber sealing strip under the chassis rail and goes under the car in front of what I think is the catalyst. This is not part of the chassis which is in excellent condition but does seem to be an integal part of the car. The rest of the car is immaculate with no hint of rust anywhere. There is no evidence of accident damage, and I understand these cars are galvanised from new. Hope I have explained clearly enough, but his has got me into a panic now. Please could anyone reassure me that this is not cause for grave concern (or otherwise) or indeed an mot failure. Dave

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1st thing I would do is get some of that rust remedy stuff on it to prevent it from spreading. So far as MOT goes shouldnt be an issue as it doesnt cause a "potential" injury to pedestrians and its not structural.

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Sorry as a 964 owner I just can't visualise what bit you mean. Any chance of posting a picture?

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Hi all

Panic over!!! After further investigation it turns out that this corrosion is actually on a steel plate type shield that goes under the front of the engine and just bolts in place, therefore is not part of the body work at all!!! Feel
ling a bit of a twit now!!! But gave me quite a panic when viewed from under the wheel arch to see this mass of corrosion and rust holes. Photo is looking under the nearside rear wheel arch looking towards the front of the car. Thanks for your replies will just get on enjoying driving instead of looking for trouble!!

Cheers Dave

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It's part of the famous tinware that surrounds the engine and, as you say, is essentially a heat shield.

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Ah it's the engine tinware. Seems to be very common for this to rust. You need your engine to leak a bit of oil to protect it :)


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Hi Dave, I have exactly the same problem, its very frustrating although quite inexpensive to have sorted out.

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