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BMW 320cd sport to a 993??

jo bloggs

Active member
5 Jan 2004

My first real post although i registered some time ago.

Now for my question and advice.

I currently own a 320cd sport coupe january 06.

It's a nice car don't get me wrong but the last few times i've changed cars i've considered going down the Porsche route to get something more interesting and hopefully suffers less depreciation!

What i'm looking for is a car that will give me excitement and enthusiam for driving, will not suffer huge depreciation, would be able to be used as a daily driver covering 30k miles a year, manage 25mpg average.

And also offer some reliability and do the odd trackday.

Am i barking up the wrong tree with a 993 with that sort of annual mileage or would i be better off running the diesel coupe and getting a 944S2/968 for a fun car.

The later BMW's aren't built like they used to be and depreciation is huge!

Also has anyone bought there 911 from 911 virgin, how did you find the experience?

Great site and thanks in advance.


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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by jo bloggs on 22 February 2007
What i'm looking for is a car that will give me excitement and enthusiam for driving, will not suffer huge depreciation, would be able to be used as a daily driver covering 30k miles a year, manage 25mpg average.
And also offer some reliability and do the odd trackday.
Am i barking up the wrong tree with a 993 with that sort of annual mileage or would i be better off running the diesel coupe and getting a 944S2/968 for a fun car.
Your problem is the big mileage. Any Porsche covering 30k miles a year will be hit big time depreciation wise because of the mileage. Also, with that kind of mileage, the servicing and maintenance costs will be higher than your BMW.

The closest Porsche for that kind of mileage/use/economy will be a new Boxster.

I would not recommend a 993 for that kind of mileage/use.

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by jo bloggs on 22 February 2007

What i'm looking for is a car that will give me excitement and enthusiam for driving, will not suffer huge depreciation, would be able to be used as a daily driver covering 30k miles a year, manage 25mpg average.
Lee, it should do all of that although 30k is high for what will be a 9-11 year car, therefore higher maintenance costs should be expected, although I know of a few 993's with 150k+ on the clock

with dual carriage way and motorway runs, you should easily achive up to 25 mpg

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Thanks for the feed back.

I live in the lakes so it's combined driving of A/B roads so the economy would suffice.

I suppose i forget the age of these cars and if you start throwing that kind of mileage at one i may get expensive problems.

A later Boxster could be the answer but i need a rear seat for six year old daughter.

I suppose with the BMW the servicing is cheap and three year warrenty is peace of mind but i've longed for one of these things, i must be the only non Porsche owner that has bought the 911 mags for years and never owned one.

I thought about a 996 but heard horror stories of early ones and i love the unique original feel of the retro dash in the aircooled models and the exterior styling.


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As much as they discount and depreciate, there's a lot to be said for the BMW. I've been moaning about my latest 3 since I got it but everything works and it is relatively cheap to run. With your mileage, diesel also makes a lot of sense. The Best advice I've had regarding the BMW was to get a power upgrade (mainly to overcome all the extra kilos the cab covers).

If it had to be a Porsche, then I'd look at an early 996 and just accept that the mileage will kill off its value. Doubt you'll get 25mpg though. And service costs would be high in comparison to the BMW.

Get someting like a 968 though and it'll cost about £12K to buy a good one and it probably won't loose much. Check that the issues have been dealt with (buyers guide and PPI) and you've got a pretty good mix.

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Hi Anthony,

I must say the BMW does everything it says on the label, but i'm getting bored of diesels but they are incredibley cheap to run!

My last E46 3 series diesel was a cracker, 95k in it with no major issues but any niggles were sorted under warrenty.

This new one i have rattles which really annoys me and the shocking trade in i'll get in 12 months will be horrific!

I kinda thought if i bought a 993 at £25k 12 months down the line it wouldn't loose £10k in that time even with 30k extra on the clock??

I'm abit scared off the 3.4 carrera's with the horror stories i hear!

Saying that i have a client that has a 98 R 3.4 996 and has never had an oil leak or any problems, but one of my other clients that raced in the Porsche Cup said when they stripped out 993's and 996's for race preparation the 993's were built to a much higher standard even down to the wiring.

I read an article in one of the Porsche mags that stated Porsche consulted Toyota on how to make cars cheaper and cut cost when they built the 996, not sure how true that was and i was shocked when i read it but maybe the 993 is just a better bet in terms of robustness?

But i suppose i maybe better off waiting till i can get one a s second car or get a cheaper main car and 993 as fun/trackday car.


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I'm pretty sure it was the 993 that Porsche consulted Toyota on how to manufacture it cheaper IIRC it was down to Wendelin Wiedeking

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Was it? i must of got muddled up!

I just thought it was the 996 as it was more mass produced.

Both nice cars though but my head definetely swivels round when i see a 993 though.

After sleeping on the idea i think maybe a 11+ year old car on that big a mileage is probably not a good idea!

A shame really but i'll have to find a way round it!

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Lee, you covered some ground there.

There are Porsche fanatics that will shoot me down but having had a history lesson, this is how I recall it.

Porsche were having financial difficulites and did bring Toyota in to consult and advise on production methods. A lot of manufacturers employ others to undertake work on their behalf. If your were in the car business and wanted to improve, Toyota would not exactly be a bad place to start.

The reason for Porsche's turn around was in part down to the change in production techniques and the expanded range starting with the introduction of the Boxster and then the Cayenne. The Boxster and 911's are finished on the same assembly line and there is / was a lot of component sharing.

It seems to be everyone's belief that the 993 was the pinacle of engineering and build quality for the 911 air-cooled cars. But it seems that perhaps Porsche weren't making any money on them, so things had to change.

The 996 water-cooled engine was introduced because the air-cooled engines had reached the end of their economic development life. The 3.4 engines are infamous for RMS issues but there are quite a few cars that never suffered. Porsche engines are highly engineered and do go pop occassionally. I think it is fair to say that as customers, most believe that this is unacceptable.

The problem with the early 996 cars apart from the die-hards lamenting of the air-cooled cars was that the quality of the interiors is fairly average (to poor). This improved with the face-lift cars and the 997 was another leap back to form.

To be honest, some of the previos 911's weren't exactly great, it's based on a 60's car after all and was in a lot of ways an ergonomic disaster area. But they do have a "special" quality that isn't, IMHO, there in the 996.

The 996 has also become quite common. There are lots of threads about the dilution of the Brand and they are not the depreciation proof cars the the industry once claimed.

But EG a pal has just bought a V reg 996 in black/grey with tip gearbox for £25K wiht under 50K miles. With an E93 at £45K, I know waht I'd rather have!

I've been and am where you are with this dilema. As I said above, I'd say the solution is with a second car if and when you can afford it. But I suspect the depreciaiton on any expensive marque would actually pay for some sensible 911 motoring if you want to have some fun along the way.

I'm afraid a Porsche can be a bit of a lifestyle thing bordering on an obsession. Its not all about the 911 either.

Sorry to all for yet another lengthy note. Back to work!

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I've no doubt the car could do it.

As long as you accepted that the costs will undoubtedly be higher, and refinement levels will leave something to be desired on a wet Friday afternoon on the M25 in a jam.

I got 28+ out of mine on motorway-a road commuting.

If you're prepared to put up with it, then go for it- it would be great fun!

Personally, I'd buy a v well maintained high miles one for about £20k, then your depreciation downside is more limited.

I went through a similar dillemma- I have a lovely 993 Targa which I planned to use daily for my 20k mainly commuting miles. In the end, I decided it best to pass it on to someone else who will appreciate it as a fun car, and I have bought a 996...

911 Virgin have an excellent reputation, sell some nice cars at sensible money, but Henry has a rather unusual style (don't ask the mileage!) that some find offputting or amusing depending on your viewpoint!

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Thanks for the input Anthony and Robert.

Yes it's very interesting how cars evolve and who gets involved even with Porsche!

As my fiancee says i'm an aonorak hehe.

I think if i was to be sensible a 996 would probably be more relaxing to drive, more upto date in terms of creature comforts and probably cheaper to service? if nothing goes hidiously wrong!

But my neighbour has 996 C4S on a 54 plate, looks nice but isn't fab inside, more ordinary if you know what i mean, when i first sat in a 964 my heart was beating like mad, the retro dash and the design of the clocks and the lay out of them just felt like a sports car and i felt like a racing driver although i wasn't moving! crackers i know!

I've only ever driven a later C4S 996 which was bloody great and the most communicative steering i've layed my hands coming from Audi's and BMW's.

Sat in a 964 and had passenger laps in a 993 RS at Donnington but never had any dealings with earlier 996's.

Heart says 993 but maybe a 996 would be the more sensible option if i liked the feel of it, failing that E46 M3's are same money as the 996 but that's another comparision again!


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Don`t dismiss the 968 its a very underated car by most 911 owners, you can pick a CS or Sport if you want rear seats for a 1/3 of the cost of the best 993`s. They are very easy to drive, very refined and have loads more space than a 911. As for doing a few trackdays, a well sorted 968 will be hounding all but the sharpest 911`s on the twisty bits :)

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I have an 85k mile 993 which I use every day; it's fair to say that it's not as refined as more modern cars but it feels so enjoyable and tactile - I love it. I used to have an M3 which was fast and capeable but wallpaper on wheels by comparism. If you like the 993 then go for it and use it every day - but as suggested in a previous post buy a well maintained high miler so as to minimise the depreciation. Try it out for 6 months and see what you think - worst case scenario is you sell it and if you've bought well you will lose very little. Servicing isn't so bad if you use a specialist, but don't expect more than 25 mpg at any time!

Just my 2p


P.S 911 virgin are a good place to start looking

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Hi David,

Yes i have a soft spot for the 968's and specialy the CS.

I have driven a 968 sport and i did enjoy it, it was quite happy to let the back end drift round a damp roundabout.

I had a Audi A4 at the time and i was planning of getting rid and buying the 968 but i bottled out and bought my last E46.

My other half is not keen on the 968 but i do like the classic copue shape of the 968's and 944's.

I've seen them on track and he seem very well balanced, there is a clean CS in Porsche world for £12995 and it would be fairly cheap to run.

I've had a chat with a guy that writes in the longtermers in Porsche world that has a 968 and he has his a daily driver and said he would let me look round it.


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Seen a real clean 968 CS in white, not bad money!

I imagine one of these could be run as a daily driver but would it be goo for 30k a year?

Mind wind up windows and no aircon won't be much fun in summer!

But the Sunday morning blasts would be fantastic!

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