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Bit of a drive today

31 Jul 2006
I drove to Wollongong today which is about an hour and half or so south of Sydney. A land slide occurred a few years ago closing the road and hence a new road was constructed which is essentially a sea bridge which curves around the mountain over the water. Some photos attached. The weather was absolutely sensational.

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And another.


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yet another. You can see the bridge curving round on this one.


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My "mug" and yes I do have a big nose - if any of you were wondering what I looked at and yes scary I know and before any of the jibes start you guys scored 551 runs and still lost the 2nd Test! I won't say what speed I was doing when that one was taken.


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Looks like a lovely road - I played Rugby in Wollongong a long time ago!

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Stayed in Wyoming several years ago. Remember going up to Wollongong a few times. Nice roads to take the beast for a blast. If I remember correctly the Australian police are very quick to stop any vehicle 1 MPH over the limit. Also illegal to have road angels.

Don't mention the cricket and for that matter rugby, football or any sport were crap :oops:


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Absolutely correct re the road angels, if you are caught with one the fine is AUD750 plus confiscation of the device which is fairly hefty. These were outlawed about 10 years ago.

The NSW police aren't too bad, you do get some leniency in respect of how far you are over however it does depend on the copper that you get. Generally, the more experienced guys are pretty good, it's the young highway patrolmen with "chips" on their shoulders who give you a hard time. I haven't heard of anybody getting done for 1 kph over though.

Unfortunately when you are in a 911, they are obviously happier to pull you over given that apparently we all have money trees in our yards!

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Hey P-J - i've been to Wollongon as well - does wayne gardener still live there?

I have relatives living slightly more south in Dapto - now theres a town. :wink: :eek:

We used to take the back (old) road to Sydney, sparesly used and rather scary when your hanging onto the back of GSXR returning home after several litres of VB.

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I believe australia is also one of the most expensive place in the world to buy a 911, there about 75% dearer than in the UK

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Don't know about Wayne Gardner still living there but the pictures that I posted are actually the old road (well the bridge is new), near Thirroul. Dapto probably hasn't changed since you were there last!


In respect of the 911's absolutely correct, the new Turbo is $360k aussie dollars ($144k GBP).

Having been to England, I essentially spent a pound in terms of purchasing power like I would spend a dollar in Australia (food, beer etc). Guys that I know in Australia who have moved to London to work are essentially negotiating their Aussie salaries in GBP so that their purchasing power in terms of lifestyle will remain constant.

So technically when you guys mention prices for 996 C4S's etc at $45k and $50k, we are looking at $150k to $160k (I've seen a 2000 model GT3 with 8,000 kilometres advertised for $160k for example).

In terms of exchange rate this is slightly more expensive however if you spend a dollar like you would spend a pound, it is extremely more expensive.

That's why the barmy army are enjoying it out here (apart from the cricket). They can buy over twice as much beer given 1 quid will purchase 2.5 aussie pesos.

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oh how we could with that weather now !

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