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Bilsteins fitted - Carrera 3.2


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13 Nov 2002
I've just fitted a set of Bilstein Sport (yellow) dampers and Neatrix rear suspension bushes. What an amazing difference it's made :D :D
Not only does it corner better, but there's a noticeable improvement in ride quality. The backwards and forwards pitching feeling seems to have gone, and it no longer feels less like there's a big weight stuck out of the back end. I corners much more level, and although I was expecting more of a jarring ride it's like being on a magic carpet over the bumps!! I really cannot stress what a difference this has made, and is definately the best £500 I've spent on any car I've had. Much recommended


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Nathan did you do the fitting yourself ? If so where did you get the parts ? I'm going to be doing the same upgrade shortly and am just trying to price things up.

Thanks !


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Malton were by far the cheapest for the dampers. Around £100 each. Fitting dampers only is straightforward enough. The painful bit is the Neatrix bushes as the rear trailing arms and torsion bars have to come apart, which makes it easy to screw alignment/ride height etc. I've still not had chance to have a full alignment done, but have some caster/camber gauges so I've got it fairly close to factory specs. for the moment.

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I take it you already had the Bilstein struts so only had to buy new dampers ? I've got Boges all round so will need to buy the Bilstein front struts too (apparently a much better outcome than just buying the Bilstein inserts for the Boge struts)

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Better outcome (£) for the parts supplier maybe, but no difference on the car. Don't believe what you hear about buying Bilstein struts. I had Boge too, and there's absolutely no reason for buying Bilstein struts. The Bilstein inserts for Boge do exactly the same job. It's only a "damper holder" at the end of the day. The only reason for buying Bilstein struts is if the car's fitted with Koni's, as there are no Billy inserts available for these.

The more I drive the car, the more I'm astounded by the handling difference. Just been over a very undulating/bumpy road I've not been on for a long time, and the composure of the car is worlds apart. It's given me much more confidence although I did get trounced on the straights by a new M3 :(
. Pulled it all back in the twisties tho :)

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Top Man.

Trouncing an M3 in the twisties. Thats what I call fun. Nothing better than a well set tight 911 if your keen. No electronics, just seat of your pants and a dash of ability. Great. Go for it.

Adrian Crawford.

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