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big white cloud of smoke after using Sport Response button


New member
1 Feb 2024
I was driving down the A34 yesterday and had the chance to push on with the Sport Response button.. first time I've used it since buying the car a couple of months ago. After coming off the throttle I saw a very large cloud of white smoke behind me. Is this normal, is it just fuel being burnt off or could it be some more worrying. In normal driving I have noticed anything like this before - Thanks
invisibility upgrade for speed cameras?
Could indicate top end wear...valve guides etc. Keep an eye on how much oil it uses over a couple of thousand miles.
Is it a .1 or .2 ?

Just thinking turbo related if .2
A new pope? Seriously though, white smoke is unlikely to be oil, oil burning presents as blue smoke normally .
Keep an eye on it. Could be a turbo, they do go. One was replaced on Warranty last year when my car was at 18k miles (before I bought it).
watch the oil level like a hawk

The if possible get someone you know to drive behind you, blue smoke oil, black smoke fuel and white smoke coolant (or moisture when cold)

Good luck
Had a turbo go on a defender TDCI once and the problem started with a huge cloud of white smoke….
White can mean coolant …..
hasn't done it since and oil level ok. Gets serviced next month so will ask Garage to take a look as under Porsche warranty

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