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Bi Xenon

alan sweeney

20 Mar 2005

Long story so will not bore you with the details, in the process as stated in a previous post of waiting for my 03 C4S , presently being detailed and sports exhaust added, can anyone just clarify if:

Bi-xenon with wash are standard on the 996 C4s. I did not check and it is a the body shop at present. I am 99.9% sure they are.

My girl has optional sport seats with encrested porsche crest. Am I right in thinking I am losing the electric and memory functionality over the normal full leather seats though. Is this an upgrade!!!!

I can defend my intelligence at present as this is not the only new baby in my house. Unlike most people who sell their 911's when a child arrives I have bought one. My daughter Jessica is now 12 weeks old and will love cars!!!

Thanks Alan.

P.S I found the generation's Porsche advert.

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Can you forward me the advert as I also have a C4S 996, send me a PM with your email and I will forward you mine.

With regards the sports seats, this was a no cost option not an upgrade, however some people prefer sports seats.

Bi Xenons were an extra, and if they dont have a little chrome circular washers on the middle of the headlights they wont be Xenons.

Hope you enjoy the car,



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Alan you are in Cardiff, any chance we can meet up once you have the sports exhaust so I can listen to the diffrence, see if its worth me doing.

I also live very near Cardiff


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Ahh but Sundeep do you know where it is? :D

I do,


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Hi Daz,

Yep no probs with a meet once I pick up the girl. No advert, as I went down to Cardiff OPC to discuss warranty checks on another vehical. But they had just part exed a nice C4S for a Cayman, it had not been properly specified or detailed. I took it for a long drive and that was it. Having been searching for a year and driven many this was the one, it felt right. I know I am being stung as I could pick up much higher spec privately but the finance pakage was competitive.

Over all the girl is

Arctic Silver. Spots seats. Carbon fibre 3 spoke sterring wheel, carbon fibre brake, carbon fibre door release, negotiated the sports exhaust for the deal. I did assume that she has Bi-xenons. May need to review this. Also has the heavy rear wiper!!

Not really bothered about the PCM, parking assist or sat nav, if I get lost then more time driving her!!!! Would have been nice to have the BOSE upgrade though.

Been reading the American web sites and it does appaear that the C4s over there is a higher spec standard.

Cheers Alan.

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Are you having the switchable part of the exhaust fitted?

Mine was retrofitted at an OPC and they bypassed the switch so it does'nt cut off between 30 & 45mph.

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Hi Mark,

Yep it is being retrofitted by Porsche Cardiff and is switchable. I have a young baby and I really had to have it switchable dont't think she will be too impressed when trying to go off to sleep!!. Just spoken to the salesman and hopefully it will be ready for Friday. I am pressing for tomorrow though!!!

Cheers Alan.

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Is this switchable as in automatic cut out that Mark was reffering to or manually via a switch on the dash?

I'm very interested in getting this done myself come service time. Do you mind me asking how much its going to cost?

Thanks, Jay

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Too much reading on this forum is damaging for your health!!! Read the previous C4S posts and note the comments on the SAT NAV ie this is a must in order to retain good value. Also the interesting comments about the depreciation hit due to the 997. In the time I have been monitoring prices I have not noticed a massive depreciation since the 997 release. I initially looked at a S plated C4 996 non face lifted March 2005 had the spots seats, sports exhaust but no other toys. The same spec car is now selling for the same money 1 year later. Saw an 8 year old C2 body work a little old looking and front body roll at 85mph went for £32,000. No toys at all on it.

I guess it is subjective and, (presently doing my MBA), non linear thinking accounts for a lot!!!!

Cheers Alan.

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