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Best fun for £££s new car!


9 Sep 2002
This is the best fun for relatively low funds car on the market! Had a real blast in it, the little engine pops whens decelerating and fizzes whilst accelerating, its awesome!

The 997 is gonna be hard pushed to give a more entertaining drive!


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You didn't tell me you'd given up football to be a hairdresser :roll:

Seriously, it looks quite cool. But maybe a bit too manly for the ladies you will want to sell it on to?

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Me and the misses may start up a mobile hairdressing company!


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Are they 16" wheels Sarbs? My cooper s (hardtop) had the 17" and whilst they looked cool it ruined the ride and handling.

Have you driven a 997 yet?

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Simon, they are the standard 17" alloys, the black s cab has a much better ride than my old cooper s which had 18" hartge alloys and lowered hartge springs, look wicked and it was fantastic in corners but smashed your back over every pot hole.


Not driven the 997 yet, not even been to any of the launch gatherings at various opc's been very busy but got comp tickets in the porsche area for the porsche cup this weekend at donnington so should see it there.

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Roof down it looks quite cool but imho the new convertible looks appalling with the roof up, like one of those old fashioned prams that the nannies used to push.

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Pram my arse!


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arse? That reminds me . . . boot hinges to die for!

Otherwise looks great to me!

Peace man!

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It's almost as nice as a streetka! (Like it really - but you gotta expect to be called a girl)

Gutted the Brits couldn't have done it tho.

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The Brits did it properly, about 40 years ago!

Original & best....


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Spot the footballer eh Sarbs???

Nice place by the way And love the alloys on the cooper - very nice indeed...

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