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Best battery


11 Jan 2021
I think my car will need a new battery this summer. I believe it came with the larger capacity battery originally and the last owner seemed to have followed suit with a large Bosch battery,

What should I go for in 2022?
What model?
I recently went with this: Varta F18 Silver Dynamic Car Battery: Type 110 - 585 200 080 - 12V - 85Ah - 800CCA

It is the cheaper identical but Varta-branded version of the Bosch above.
Dunno about the others mentioned but that Bosch has a five year guarantee. The Varta is also the same price at Tayna.
GMG said:
...Deadweight = £700 for a battery :floor:

Yes, it makes your wallet lighter :floor:
jl-c said:
GMG said:
...Deadweight = £700 for a battery :floor:

Yes, it makes your wallet lighter :floor:

They're crazy expensive! I'd have thought with the dropping prices of battery tech, there would be a corresponding drop in lightweight battery prices, but seems not!
About my experience with batteries I can say that:
1. If you have a battery charger and can maintain the battery under charge for long periods you can save money and buy a battery for less than 100 pounds/euro (this is my case: never had a problem starting the car from cold to warm in the last 2 years and the previous owner bought the battery at no more than 80 euro);
2. If you do not have the possibility to maintain the car under charge for periods exceeding 3 -4 weeks, you should buy a Moll that is the original one (https://www.moll-batterien.de/en/); about the batteries at 700 pounds I think they are good for those who use the car on the track...not for normal users like me!cheers!piero :thumb:
Alex said:
Bosch battery from Tayna batteries.


Tayna are great... really helpful and accept payment via apple pay if you want.

I ended up buying my last 911 battery from Halfords as the last one died literally as I tried to start it before leaving on a road trip. Got a Yuasa, its been fine and has a 5 yr guarantee.
Another vote for Bosch here - I put an S5 in at the end of last year and I've had no issues with it. I trickle charge it regularly - depending on your use pattern you may benefit from doing the same. Part of it was laze on my part having a Bosch supplier around a mile from home.
Another vote for Varta, simply because its the same exact battery made in the same factory as the Bosch but typically slightly cheaper.

The one I bought: Varta F18 Silver Dynamic Car Battery: Type 110

I bought it from Battery Megastore, service was OK but then again had no problems so far. Their T&Cs are a bit meh if you read them in detail. Note sure other online suppliers are better, mind.

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