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Best and Worst car caught speeding in?

Nishal Patel

1 Jul 2005
Alot of talk about jammers, speed cameras and the boys in blue.

It seems we go on about avoiding getting caught in our nice fast cars, how about confession time.

So the question is

(1) What car were you driving when you got caught and you didn't mind cause it was your best car?

(2) Conversley, which car did you regret getting caught in cause you were too embarrased driving it?

(3) What is the best excuse you tried and got away with when caught red handed?

To polish it off, with this psychobable

(4) How did it make you 'feel'?

Answers awaiting

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1. My 911, yes I minded getting caught but hearing the officer saying "this car (5 series estate) is no slouch, and I couldn’t keep up with you" nearly had me laughing

2. Only been caught the once

3. I said I wasn’t watching the Speedo, but the road and as there was no other cars around I didn’t realize my speed. They left me off

4. When I shut the door I looked back thinking it would be the last time driving the beast. Anger and frustration at one of the officers, who was deliberately trying bait me. ***** ecstasy when they let me off.

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well here's my list

1)944 turbo doing 94mph in a 70mph

2)Mercedes 7.5tonne Skip Lorry doing 69mph in a 50mph......wasn't too embarressed tho

3)a old-school copper stopped me in my XR4i doing about 70mph in a 40mph late one night did the PNC check on me and asked if my uncle was such and such(same surname) so said yeah...........bizarrely enough i later found out i am related to this guy but at the time hadn't a clue

4)peeved off for being caught

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Done once (so far, touch wood!) 07.00, clear A road, 72mph in my 330 on the way to work.

Done by a scamera, so not even the benefit of a potentially amusing encounter with a rozzer.

Felt exceedingly annoyed because I saw the van and the camera at the road side (next to an HGV) from a little way away and assumed it was some gadget jump-starting the truck!

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1. Yet to be caught in the Porsche although did go past a stationary police car at very high speed (72 mph officer) and decided to "hide" for a while.

2. Being caught while driving a Mk 1 Golf GTI by the most notorious copper in the area - He was driving a Marina and was off duty. I was 18 and had just passed my test. He gave me the rollocking of my life and told me to report back to him at the station in 3 days time where he would have my licence taken away. 3 Sleepless nights later I went to the station and got another rollocking and was told to F off. I just love the old school policing.

3. Being caught fair and square at 95mph (BMW 325) on the M5. As I got out the car I took my daughter out of the back seat and gave her a squeeze (she was 4 at the time) and she whimpered a bit. Told the officer she was about to be sick. Admited I was doing 95, apologised and said I was trying to get to the service station. Let me off with a caution.

4. Felt smug but guilty I had to resort to such low levels.

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Got done twice in two days in 2000 in a Volvo V40 of all cars and in Wales too. A bad week that one.

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there's no such thing as not minding

1/ 964 Cab on A/M20 being chased by a nutter past a pack of slow moving traffic. Floored it to get out of his way and got done for reaching 100.35 MPH as I tore away over to the inside lane to avoid said nutter. Was advised to get a brief and attend court as anything over 100 is immediate ban, but 100.35 was too close for errors.

My Brief started his spiel with these words that I swear will stay with me for ever:

"My client, a city money trader" (not playing the sympathy vote obviously) "was on the morning concerned, driving his porsche 911........." (oh god, I'll be the first ever hanging for a motoring offence!!). Unbelievably, I didnt get banned but got slapped with 6 points in one go. I drove like a nun on Ritalin and valium for the next 3 years so as not to improve on the points.

2/ Having just picked up my daughter from hospital, in a volvo 940 estate, (the very car that was forced onto me in place of my first 911 'baby forces sale' etc). Driving down a dual carriage way at 47 mph (its normally 50) and get pulled over and told I'm speeding. I hadnt noticed the 3 cones strewn at the roadside because they were doing some vital work (no-one there of course and probably never was) but temporarily, speed limit was cut to 40, so I get done, and I cant charm my way out of it because its difficult to be charming when the overriding desire to bitch-slap the w4nker has gone off the scale.

there, its good to get things off your chest I find

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Hendo on 10 January 2006

the overriding desire to bitch-slap the w4nker has gone off the scale.

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I've been caught speeding once, on my 19th Birthday in a Nova SR (hangs head in shame) and even the tears and the proof that it was my birthday, didn't detract from the fact that they slapped 3 points on my licence and a £40 fine :evil:

The same week I picked up my first Megane (a bright yellow coupe - lovely car!) I was coming home from work (on the late shift) at 10.30pm and hit the motorway roundabout at 40... spotted PC Plod on the other side and proceeded to head home through 2 sets of lights, both on green, I might add. The next news it this nice officer has his lights on and pulled me over. He stated that the 2nd set of lights were on red..... I don't think so, but it's my word agains his, so end up with some more points!

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I was stopped driving an E36 M3 on the way to train station and breathalized,given a producer.....then stopped by his mate on the otherside of the road on the way back ten minutes later!!

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Not like the chap that just got fined 2K and banned for driving for doing 146mph on some A road.

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