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Battery Life


New member
17 May 2005

Picked up my Guards Red 996 on Sunday. Lovely. Really pleased. Quick question though. I am going away for 16 days in a few weeks and have booked the Chaufered parking thingy at the airport. They meey you at the terminal, drive the car away, and then bring it back for you when you land.

My question is this. The dealer siad that if you don't move the car/start it, for 2 weeks the car goes into a sleep mode to save battery power. Could not find any mention of thsi in the hand book. I am going away for 16 days and am worried that when the car park people come to get my car it may have gone to sleep. I was told the alarm goes off once you open the door in this mode and i dont want to go through a lengthy process of talking the car park people through this.

Can anyone confirm if the facelift 996 actually does go to sleep, and if so is it after 14 days? If all this is true, any thoughts on what i shoudl do? Or do i just need to talk the car park people through this?

Your help and thoughts are appreciated.


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I assume you sorted this out, or your car is still at the airport. Goes into sleep mode after 4 days I think. All you need to do is use the key in the door to unlock and insert the key in the ignition and turn on within 20secs. If you take longer than 20secs the alarm will let you know...

The bigger problem you have is your battery is likely to run flat over 16days unless its pretty new and you use it every day. If you use the car infrequently or the batt is over 2yrs old, you could have problems. Maybe call the AA when you land...?

For more info on flat batteries etc, there are loads of posts on here - check them out.


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